Dragonflight Zone Preview: Ohn'ahran Plains

Dragonflight Zone Preview: Ohn'ahran Plains

Explore the Ohn'ahran Plains, a verdant region filled with sweeping plateaus, mesas, groves, and valleys abundant with life.

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zone looks nice good job :slight_smile:

Art team never fails! Looks gorgeous!
That’s a place you want to use your ground mount for sure.

I absolutely LOVE these zones so far. I love how expansive they feel, yet just full enough of stuff to remain interesting.

Of course I’m not in the alpha and therefore haven’t tried questing through them, but from what I can see these zones look vastly better than what we’ve had from Legion until now, with only the 8.0 zones coming close. THANK YOU for creating open zones where the landmarks have room to breathe and stand out. It’s beautiful.

awesome zone i cant wait to play there

The Art Team has done a great job! :+1:

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birch trees, very nice.

Yes, you may drop the new world tree there. I am fine with that and grant my permission. But don’t you dare killing Malfurion for it, thank you.

It is nice landscape zone!

its fun :slight_smile: i like too play and walk under The Blue sky :smiley:

Wondeeful. Nothin to add

this picture is the best picture I have ever seen hands down

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