Dragonflight Zone Preview: The Azure Span

Dragonflight Zone Preview: The Azure Span

Traverse and explore the snowy peaks, misty forests, and icy tundra of the Azure Span.

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These are the coolest zones, that I’ve ever seen in the game in general. It reminds me of Winterspring aswell, and it’s one of my favourite zones! :smile:


Looks good. Especially looking forward to riding around on that Otter Mount!



Um, Blizz… I think my alpha invite might have gotten lost?

No worries, just send me another one out asap and we’ll forget this indescresion ever happened.


Saw a wow streamer on youtube with alpha invite just now and was mindblown by how pretty the zones was.

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Oh, it begins now. Curious. Interesting. :upside_down_face:

Same :sob:

It’s probably a very small group of people for the first Alpha, well the not closed secret Alpha.

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I can’t see them not invited us to be fair, Puny. We’re much too important :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Reminds me so much of Grizzly Hills, which makes it already top tier.

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It is good to see snowy zones, you should use rain and snow more in zones and also Drustvar-like dark zones are good.

Just don’t create Bastion-like zones, that zone is utterly terrible. It is so artificial and dull.


I’'ll buy 6 months sub for DF! :heart_eyes:

thank you for confirming exackly what players were afraid of - you cannot fly on your dragon just glide but gettingback up is horrible experience

we already seen preview from alpha and it looks beyond horrible - aviana feather was more viable then this because it was so much faster to get up

I am a simple man. I see tuskarr then i press like.

Most of it looks awesome, but that new Furbolg model… Not a fan.

Zone looks amazing, only if I could play it now! :frowning:

I think it looks great, but above all else I’ll say this, having watched the zone in action in a few videos: Thank you for finally making a more open, believable map. I celebrate this regardless of dragonflying because it reminds me of the openness of vanilla, tBC and WotLK, and even Cata and MoP to some extent, that we used to enjoy - where you entered a zone and almost every direction had a viable path for you to follow and the roads were mostly clear of mobs, and when there finally was one it was for a very good reason.

I’ve missed it, and I warmly welcome its return, and I hope we never ever get another Broken Isles.

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