Dragonflight Zone Preview: The Forbidden Reach

Dragonflight Zone Preview: The Forbidden Reach

Explore the Forbidden Reach, a broken and deserted landscape lost to the ravages of time.

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Now I need to create a 3rd Dracthyr to find where that Watcher statue is!!!

Tha Art Team is still brilliant! :slightly_smiling_face:


I wanted to ask:
I’ve seen the Forbidden Reach located on the Dragon Isles map, but seeing as it is a hero class’s starting zone, is it instanced like the Scarlet Enclave/Gilneas?

At this point I don’t know, my attempts exploring get me teleported back. I can see the mainland or some land from the island but I can’t get to them before I magically reappear in the middle of the starter zone.

Testing is done differently this year. The starter zone is the only thing available this week. I wasn’t in last week when they got to do a new zone.

What beautiful artwork. The otters and other animals look amazing, I look forward to venturing out.

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It looks gorgeous, good job art team :+1:

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This looks amazing!
Can’t wait to explore this myself (no alpha club member :c)!

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