Dragonslayer buff npc's sapped

Yes we had this discussion probably 578345783578349 times already but just took a quick look and saw the MC issue.

I am completely fine with ppl MC’ing the npc guy but having mc and getting anyone banned, instead my issue alongside probably alot of you horde as alliance aswell are all those idiotic sappings on them causing them not to give us the world buff and still having to wait for the cooldown once more.

Sure ofc they should be able to be sapped its a humanoid after all but instead of messing up the cooldown just have them continue their walk towards the buff itself once the sap is over, we do turn in that QUEST after all for the buff, not giving us the buff due to a crappy sap imo is like not getting the quest reward from any quest as thats just what it is, a quest reward.

Any thoughts? im crap at writing these stuffs up i know but you all get the idea.

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