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Hello there

This post will be written in English (accroding to forum rules) and Slovak, which can be understood by the majority of Drak’thul

Intro mind set:

I always kindly remember WoW around TBC/WotLK, when people didn’t care that much about progress at all cost and still found time for some fun things. This let me to try RP server (Argent, what else), but since I am not very hardcore RP, I wanted to bring something like this to Drak’thul. This is the result


Very simple RP event, ressembling real life sport/competition events.

For now I have only 5 categories. To avoid SHARDING ISSUES, we will be in raid group ofc.

  1. RUN

Simple running race at some circuit, NO RUNNING BOOST, No sprint abilities, simple run. Track will sure be at some place where skill can be used, becuse when everybody have SAME run speed, The One that starts first will be winner, we need to avoid that.

If more players join, we can have CLASS Runs: Only mages and BLINK is allowed. Only druids and cats are allowed. Only warriors and leap is allowed etc.

  1. Pet Battles

Some battle pets are overpowerd against others. So what if we just lock it into categories? What about just WATER pet battles, just FIRE pet battles etc. or the most simple solution of them all: ONLY LVL 1 Pet Battles. So we will keep variety and also anyone can join.

  1. Rotation races

Gear is very BIG factor of our DPS/HPS, but what if you are completely naked, no weapon (or lvl 1 basic, agreed upon weapon for melees) and all that makes a difference is your skill/rotation/talents?

One minute, one dummy/referee (for healing) and show us what you can do.

How to be fair with no official DPS meter. EASY: Only two players duels, everybody in raid will reset their DPS meters before starts and after fight 5 RANDOM (will be called by name by referee) people will post their DPS meters in raid chat, we will choose winner then.

  1. Trial of style-like

Engineers have transmogrifiers, we have mounts with them as well, why dont we use them? It will basically be the same as official Trials of style, but now, voted by all the present players. We will choose theme and time limit for your transmog. Then we will vote for winner. Few showdowns and we will have finalists.

  1. Jumping Puzzles

We all loved to jump in impossible places when there was no flying and then show off to others. Lets do it competetivly now. We will choose a place (we know IS REACHABLE) and then see who gets there first.


We will need to find place, accessible for everyone, with no guards to bother us, so anyone can join. Warlock Summons can solve many things, but we will also need a place where all the races can be. I was thinking of out of DALARAN/SHATTRATH (with lock summon ofc) or the best HALFHILL in Pandaria. Best running routes, best places for jumping puzzles, we all know are possible etc.


What about this weekend we try if ANYONE is able to join. 18-19 May 2019

If you have ideas for events, place or time, please post it here. I am alliance player, but if any Horde wants to join, I will need one of you to be the officer. I am willing to befriend you on facebook/battle.net so we can easily comunicate and coordinate races etc.

We can try it this Weekend if anyone is willing to join. I will probably join with my lock KAZISVET so I can easily port players to the place of the Olympics.

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