Dranei heritage armor?

Do we get one soon or I can get the lightforge ones as plain dranei?

And what about Lightforged draenei?

No news of any heritage armour for draenei. Maybe in shadowlands? Lets hope we get one at least :blush:

I am still waiting for the human one and the night elf one.

i’ve heard the human one will be the varian wrynn transmorg.

Draenei & Darkspear Trolls should be next.

Humans, Orcs, Night Elves and Forsaken already have their warfront(and garrison) armors to keep them happy for a while.

But yeah, no news as of yet.

That looks awesome!

CRAP! I forgot about the Pandas and theyre one of my fav races :sweat_smile: But yeah they definitely need some love too!

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I so so soooo want something like this for heritage:


Pandaren dont have one either, right? But yes, draenei and troll please, thats my favourite races :heart_eyes:

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Wow i would choose medivhs look from teh film to my mage :smiley:
i would use Varians to my paladin :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be coming any time soon. Given how warfront sets are basically heritage armor on steroids (with different sets for different armor classes, two tiers of appearence and multiple tints), I would guess the original races that are not featured in Warfronts are the first in the queue to get heritage armor. Now, back at BfA launch there was some text and IIRC map data datamined for a Silvermoon warfront - if that was accurate and something like that was planned, I would guess the plan was to feature Draenai in that Warfront. This Warfront, if planned, was obviously cut, which, if we go by these assumptions, would mean that Draenai won’t get a Warfront set and wouldn’t have a heritage set coming anytime soon because it wasn’t planned to give them one for a long time or possibly ever.

This is of course all assumptions and speculation and educated guesswork, but it makes sense in my head.

But Draenei are mostly Exarchs and Priests. Not some Shamans.

That set would look good on all my draenei, not just the shammy :woman_shrugging:t3:

That makes me very sad :cry:

But why would you use a Shaman set on a Paladin?

Why is it a shaman set?

Cuz it’s obviously Shaman inspired. No Paladin would wear stuff where you look like a Shaman.

Guess thats the issue with heritage armour, why should my draenei mage wear something that looks like pally armour?

You don’t got my point here. Shaman isn’t really the Draenei class if you know what I mean. Do you think they would give cloth armor for the Orc heritage? No, they wouldn’t, cuz they’re a race of warriors.

I get your point, and i know that if draenei get heritage it will be some ugly thing with crystals. Doesnt stop me wanting something else :woman_shrugging:t3:

I just want to say that hope dies hehe. No really, futuristic light worshippers will probably don’t get spiritual stuff.