Draught of ten lands question. extreme confusion


I found several ‘guides’ :smiley: online on how to get these - but as someone who never played BFA I am VERY confused. The stoutforge dwarf lady is not there for me, and I have no idea what quests or scenarios I have to do to unlock the events I need to do.

Can anyone point to a post dragonflight guide on what someone would do to unlock the quests required to get these pots? thanks!

Just to make sure you’re looking in the right place, she’s down near the docks, not up on the wall like the map might suggest.

I am yeh. does she only show when the battles are going on?

also just to note this is a fresh account so if theres any prequest requirements, I guess I havent done them

So I went looking.

She was there, and selling the Draught for three of my level 70s, but since they had all been through BfA, that doesn’t tell me much.

BTW, she is very easy to miss. Shanding in front of a pile of crates at the stern of the Wind’s redemption ship. I had to use a

/tar provis

command to spot her.

I took a level 30 character who had never been to BfA. He couldn’t see her at all. He went through the entry to Boralus process to get the Come Sail Away achievement, and she was still not there, and neither were the crates, or the other NPCs that stand beside her.

One Wowhead comment says:


she does NOT show up until you have reached the part of the quest line that allows the Alliance Troops to land

but I’m not quite sure what that means, or whether it is correct.

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