Dreadmist ? Deadmist !

Nuff said, nothing to do here on 60 at horde. got ubrs key. but basicly the same 6 people doing rend runs over and over.
No guild recruitment for molten core or whatsoever.

Blizzard fix please

The game has only been out for a little over a month. Most people haven’t levelled as fast as you. I’d imagine a good 90% of the player base hasn’t hit 60 yet.

Just give it a bit of time, and things will start to pick up.

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That’s true…we all enjoy it step by step, and for example I’m working and I can play only 2 or 3 hours per day, and sometimes I even skip those…

I see recruitment for raiding guilds all the time in the “World” channel and Trade.
Don’t know about UBRS yet, but I’m confident there’s more than a handful of people running it.