Dreadmist is surprisingly good

I think I found my new home. I’ve played on Zandalar Tribe and Mograine from the launch day. Zandalar Tribe is a nice realm but I don’t want to stay there because I’m not a RPer. Mograine is too hardcore for me and too spellcleavish. World chat of Mograine is full of lfg/cleave/layer spam which I don’t like. I’ve also played on Golemagg a bit. Golemagg is cool realm actually but the queues are crazy. I’ve tried other realms too. After more than a week of struggling and jumping between a realms I found that Dreadmist suits me best. Here’s why:

  1. No spellcleave spam in global chats;
  2. No layer spam;
  3. Frequently people use /lookingforgroup for looking for group and /world remains free for talking;
  4. /world chat is wholesome and lively most of the time;
  5. People often helping each other while questing;
  6. There’s still only few lvl60 characters and lots of lvl10-20. It seems like nobody’s rushing to max level;
  7. Healthy population according to the Census. Starting zones are full of people;

I’ve been playing here only for three days so it’s just first impressions but it looks promising. I’m crossing my fingers for the future of this realm!

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I think so too. I haven’t seen a single layer hop request in the Horde global chat throughout my whole 36lvl journey. People are chill most of the time and I also saw no huge rush towards the endgame. Only occasional dungeon XP farm/grind group requests but comon, that’s nothing.

Can’t judge about the population ratio as I have no idea and am pretty sure it’s not skewed too much.

So overall I would say this server is great for a semi-hardcore or relaxed journey and endgame raiding. You definitely won’t be getting world firsts here but you’ll get the closest to Vanilla experience community wise.

I like it here too. I do see layer and cleave group requests, but its not nearly as much spammed as on other popular servers. I havent played on other servers but watched a bit couple streamers. You literally dont see anything on their chat screen other than LAYER LAYER PLS.

And feels like majority of people are nice too. :slight_smile:

deadmist seems to be more horde the allie to me…and 90% are little kiddie gankers…for weeks on end sm camped by kiddies makes the game almost unplayable…questing is a chore is this how the game is meant to be if so its sucks just like it did 10yrs ago…

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I dont get people like you. Why roll on a pvp server if you dont like wpvp. You get everything you want on a pve server.
And game dident suck 10 years a go. I love the war, i love when alliance gank me, i love when they camp me, when they go out of there way to kill me. Because thats what i do. It’s the fun of the game.

I will hunt every single whorde

Don’t give up, get even :)!

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this is disgusting you can’t do sh it bc horde is everywhere litlerly everywhere and ganging other players can’t quest if you are aliance on this server.


Just stick out to december 10, gonna be easy good time with bg’s! Or just follow Purity and leech honor, that might work too.

There’s plenty of alliance hit-squads too mate, you’re going to have to bite it together until Dec 10 when BG’s are released, albeit ganking is always going to exist :slight_smile:

I have mixed feelings about this server :smiley: although its the one I’ve decided to play on, it was either this or Ashbringer.
It kinda looks like there are not so many ally players at all, at least in Ashenvale. We’ll see how things look at higher levels

There is plenty of alliance, but atm it’s hard to go out in the world without getting ganked so most people are staying inside.

i only come on this server cause my son was playing on here…this is not pvp unless you think 20 v 1 is pvp…then i would say you know nothing…you yourself explain when u get ganked…but thats not by 20 people camp brd instance…or when you land at a fp and 20 v 1 there…that is not pvp…person vs person…not 20 people vs 1 person…does that make it clear now ?.

Sadly, there’s fewer and fewer Alliance lately

I’ve just come back after a 2/3 month break and it is noticeable how much the alliance pop has dropped. Considering just abandoning my characters and rerolling elsewhere tbh

I think same… Probably will transfer to Migraine or Fireman.