Dreaming Nae'dra form for druid

hey :slight_smile:,
sorry if this is a stupid question lol but i wanted to know if i can do solo, i know what you have to do with the fishing part and all. i just want to know if this is solo or i have to find a raid.:slight_smile:
thank u :slight_smile:


Unless something has changed over the last week or so, you will need to be in a raid group to enter the instance. Once you’re in, you’re fine doing the fishing alone - especially if the raid has already been cleared of mobs.

If you’re not up for doing the raid, you could keep an eye on group finder; some people leave a group open specifically for Druids to come and do the fishing without any threat.

oh okay thank u :slight_smile:

You could also queue for the LFR wing with Volcoross and Larodar and after killing both teleport out of the raid and back in and just chill while fishing in an empty lfr instance

i already got it some nice druid gave me an inv to his\her raid

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