Dropping fps for now reason in raid, dungeons, near fire pools

Hello there!
I have some weird lags on my pc in raid, dungeons and open world.
Most of time I have 60 fps. I know my pc is not…a top now (i7 6700k, 16gb ram, nvidia1060 6gb, ssd), but 60 fps is 60 fps, right?
It the battle with Smolderon, Tindral and Fyrakk a have frequent drops fps from ~40 to 2fps! It happens everytime at moments with many targets, roots (on Tindral) and some fire show on Fyrakk. Also I saw lags in dungeons with many adds pulls at once.
So I started checked. First of all - my PC hardware and software. I checked:

  • Addons (turned off all addons - didn’t help)
  • Clearing cache
  • Reinstall game (reset WTF folder and setting)
  • Update drivers (and installed new and old video drivers)
  • Checked health of CPU, RAM, GPU and SSD. All is fine. And CPU and Ram loading does not exceed 70%. Even CPU0.

Then I tried to change settings. Fun moment is that I have worse FPS at low settings and better with high settings. But not enough for good battle.
I checked many topics with the “lags” problems. Nothing helps.

The funny moment is that I can watch youtube FullHD at my second monitor with game and this does not affect game performance in any way. Even I off all my browsers, services, second monitor - nope.

It looks like some effect in game is making…lag? Or something like that.
So anyone can you please help or suggest any ideas how to solve it?
(except new pc. I understand, but not too rich)


our whole raid was getting this yday - any updates?

I have the same issue. My PC is ok, I don’t have any problems except on tindral HM (Yes, in LFR mode, NM mode, no particular issues…) I had tried everything you’ve tried, and more, and it still drop fps when the roots pop.

If someone have a solution, it will be great…

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