Drops in FPS, out of nowhere! A supportive thread please :) PC ONLY

Reply to self.

Installed the new driver 461.92 but that seemed to make things worse. I did some reading around on guru3d (good forum) and the general consensus is than anything newer that 461.40 is trash so I reverted to that.

AND BINGO my issue is gone (strange thing is I had not updated my driver since late Feb and had no issues with 9.0.5 until last night. All seems well for me now, though I feel my issue may not be the same as others

Good luck on finding a solution to your issues, everyone in this thread.

I seem to have found a solution to this problem with the latest nvidia drivers 461.92, a very strange problem, but fps returns to normal after deleting the config.wtf file in the wow /retail/ wtf
However, this only works until the game is restarted, after which everything starts to hammer the video card at 99% and freeze again. Oh, our indie company.
The main thing is not to change after the first launch of the Directx version and the choice of video card.

game spot. com/articles/investor-group-pissed-activision-blizzard-ceo-is-getting-a-200-million-payout/1100-6488906

This is why we can’t play with normal FPS

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bump me up scotty
just checked nightfae covenant, lower part 140fps+, come to the main floor and outside heading to the mission table i get 50.
gg, not gonna bother anymore with this nonsense.

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We are still being ignored…
Kyrian covenant, start anima conductor -30 fps…This happens with 3 out of 4 covenants.

Unfortunately Blizzard has become a greedy business and lost their interest to bring the best gaming experience for their fans.

Nowadays they walk all over the backs of their 20-year employees to make the business more profit. But, no problem, as a loyal employee you will get a 200$ b net balance gift card before you get booted to the street.


When 9.0 hit I was running i5 8400 and GTX 1060 with 8gb ram. I was keeping a steady 100 fps in all content.

2 weeks before 9.0.5 I upgraded my system to 5600X, RTX 3070 and 16gb ram. I kept 100-144 fps in all contents.

1-2 days after 9.0.5 hits i noticed fps drops in dungeons, raids and outdoor world. It can go from 144 down to 50-60 and it will stay there depeneding on fight. It is most noticeable in dungeons when pulling packs. Beforre 9.0.5 we could do very big pulls and there was no significant drop in fps, but now if there are more then 3 mobs it will drop a lot.

Furthermore it seems like its getting more frequent.


I experience issues too. And there is other threads about it. You´re not alone…


Hmm hard to tell, I’m rocking i9 9900K with RTX 2080S, completely maxed out settings on 2k resolution, in old content getting around 180+ fps in newer around 140fps. What I noticed tho, is how heavy is Ardenweald. Entering that zone GPU is going crazy, getting around 70C, 72C maxed. Funniest thing is, when I drop all the settings except resolution to low, I get, at best 69C.

Otherwise, haven’t seen any huge spikes.

P.S. Yea Bastion is weird one.

All - found a really simple fix for me after experiencing single figure FPS after the last update - Advanced Settings>Graphics Card = normally set to ‘auto-detect’, changed this to my dedicated card and bingo, back up to 60fps. Must be some weird glitch where it’s detecting the onboard graphics.

Hope it helps someone.

Thank you for your tip, however I tried that and nothing changed… :sob:

Hello Blizzard,
I’m here to help you a bit with debugging this strange problem. Since I experience this kind of problems too.

After patch 9.0.5 release the Spires of Ascension fps drop to 15-20 affects me. For this instance I have it the whole dungeon no matter where my camera angle is, excluding when I point it straight down to the ground, then the fps bumps up to 60-90. For SoA it didnt happen before 9.0.5 in this kind of way, but the overall performance was bad in this specific dungeon before, but not that bad it was kinda playable. But I think, the problem was there before, but now it just made it worse.

Also I want to pair Empyrean Domain (new Bastion arena zone) with this problem too, before patch no problems there whatsoever and after 9.0.5 the fps problem behave the same as in SoA instance.

For SoA and ED Arena the CPU which runs at it’s highest speed otherwise, run’s there at 1,4Ghz for my instance. And it pumps so small wattage into the CPU around 3W normally 15W (+ 25W turbo boosts). There might be some power limit conflicts with GPU. (Whole time p1 or p2 limits or thermal limits the cpu doesn’t hit, it is just running at so low wattage and frequency for some strange reason.)

I also have small places where something similiar happens, it’s in ToP when you walk up the stairs into the Gorechop boss wing, on top of the stair’s is fog which causes the some behaving problem. When you pass into the new room where the trash packs are, the issue disappears. Same for DoS where is the three hallways leading to each wing of boss, you walk up the stairs from main roundabout to some boss wing and there is a small roundabout when you enter the room and there is a white portal which causes the same problem when camera is viewing through it, when you pass it more deeper into the hallway it goes back to normal.

DxDiag for help: pastebin(dot)pl/view/71118238

Seems like some problem with rendering some particle effects like fog which is in some way in SoA around the dungeon, in the arena mentioned etc.

If you need my help for any further more useful information about this problems, you can count on me and contact me.

seems like nothing changed, its absurd that this fps drop is untouched


STRIX RTX 2080Ti - 32GB DDR4 - Intel i9 9900K (5,0GHz) ===== > 49 FPS…Thank you, Blizzard!

GAME is pure TRASH

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STRIX RTX 2080Ti - 32GB DDR4 (30% Usage) - Intel i9 9900K (11% Usage on 5,0GHz with 41°Celsius) ===== > 49 FPS

  • How do you explain that to yourself? My pc is a BEAST … 49 FPS in any case
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Is target FPS turned off? If so turn it off. I seems to be broken right now and is the cause of some issues (well was for me and the people on the Reddit thread I came across)

The thread shall not fall into obscurity until Bobby Kotick sells his yacht to fix the issue.

Well, they saw my article at least :wink: The question is can it be fixed in a short amount of time or is it something bigger. It’s easy to point out weird GPU behavior…

I wish they’d just stop using the weird particle effects. It’s a simple game that plays well. It doesn’t have to look amazing IMO.

Again yesterday, May 11th, there was some small update roughly 150 mb (no idea what this update was for). I log in, and immediately notice drops in FPS to around 20 when just running around or sometimes doing dungeons.

Updated addons, drivers, checked anything that might cause the issue to point to me - nothing noticeable.

Still having the same issues today - even without using any addons at all. I dont know what small updates they’re pushing but they seem to be negatively affecting performance

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