Drow(9/10HC),casual raiding guild recruiting


Who are we?

Our name is Drow and we are an alliance guild on the EU realm Darksorrow/Neptulon/Genjuros.
The guild first started under the name Vanguard on Emeriss during Wrath of the Lichking. Later it was moved to Darksorrow, due to population issues on Emeriss,and the name was changed to Drow .
Since then our main focus has been raiding the current tier on heroic and the goal has always been to clear it before new content is released.
Throughout the years we focused on mainly heroic raiding, and did some bosses on mythic too. Going for mythic at some point is an option however not a goal, it will depend on our roster.
Our guild is english speaking with members from all over Europe.
Of course we tolerate any kind of nationality or religion and we expect you to do the same.

We raid Monday and Thursday from 20:00 until 23:00 servertime.

What we offer you:

We offer you a friendly and patient raiding environment.
Our main focus is heroic raiding . Despite our lax raiding schedule we cleared the entire raid within a reasonable time frame.
We are currentlly at 9/10 SoD HC.

Our guild has everything from new players who are still eager to learn and improve to highly skilled veteran players.
The more experienced players have always worked hard to help others get the hang of the encounter or even their class if needed.
Fun and avoiding unnecessary frustration has always been a high priority in our raids and we always aim to stay friendly and positive.
We are NOT recruiting for the bench.

What we require of you:

Communication is key.
We are a rather casual guild in the sense that we only raid if people are available- that beeing said we raided all the raid days this xpac except Christamas/Easter.
This means especially on holidays there is a high chance that we will be skipping raid that day.
Many of our members work, study, have kids or other circumstances that take priority for them over a raid.
For you this means that missing a raid will not be a terrible issue IF you notify us beforehand.
Patience and willingness to learn.
Sometimes a raid may not happen due to lack of people or even the fact that continuing further is not reasonable.
This mainly happens due to reasons stated above.
You’re free to state any possible concerns about anything at any time,the best way would be to whisper an officer. Sometimes raiders take a bit longer to understand the mechanics of a certain encounter which may lead to lengthy explanations. We want everyone to understand the encounter if they so desire.

We recruit all classes and roles, in order to consolidate for SoD HC/Mythic/next patch. We are looking especially for a healer (especially a shaman), and DPS(especially boomkin and a frost/uh DK). Exceptional players of any class are highly desired.

How to Contact us:

If you have questions, want to join or any other concern try whispering any of the following people:


Noone online? Try our discord:

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