Druid dragonflying?

Will there be dagonflying added to duids flightform?

I thought it is due to come with TWW.

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ah nice, cant wait =)

Hopefully if it does, it will not impact ordinary druid flight. By that I mean I hope they remain 2 separate things, so that take off isn’t the same as it is for a dragonriding mount, or like that of an Evoker’s Soar talent. There’s also the being able to hover on the spot that is possible with normal flight that isn’t possible with dragonriding, so hopefully they remain 2 separate abilities.

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To my knowledge it’ll become a toggle option, but not two separate things, which feels a little obnoxious. Sometimes, I just want to hover in air with normal flying now, so I can just choose to mount up. I don’t want to end up having to toggle this every time I want to hover in air and then toggle off for dragonriding.

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Yeah, that’s more like what I meant, just the ability to do either/or. One of Druids most unique and for me, valuable abilities has always been our flight form and being able to auto switch to it from dragonriding just makes things so much easier when you’re out and about questing and the likes.

Yes when TWW launches :slightly_smiling_face:

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Druud flying form is very handy for wpvp and open content cause it’s instant dragonriding with it must be great and cool but we will see.

How it works right now is perfect, I can set off on a dragonriding mount and use the speed and at any point I can simply shift to flight form and zone straight to the spot I want, very handy in a lot of situations.


Honestly, this.

I would rather keep what we have now - the option to start out dragonriding, dismount mid air and activate flight form if I want to hover - than have flight form dragonriding but have to land to toggle it. The only frustration is having to land to summon the dragon. It would be cool if you could summon it mid air (while falling) and have it swoop in to catch you.

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I would love to have separate buttons/forms for regular and dynamic flight modes. While I love the speed of dragonriding, I would not wish to lose the USP of the current flight form…

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