Druid - Glyph of Stars showing a placeholder white model (since 10.0.5)

Ever since patch 10.0.5 rolled out there’s been a bug with every druid who has Glyph of Stars applied to their Moonkin form.
If you go into the character window your character will show up as an white placeholder model. This bug is still present in patch 10.0.7 and I’ve seen numerous people complain about it on the US forums with zero response from Blizzard.
The issue occurs both with and without addons so it’s not UI related.
Can the devs please take care of this bug?


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Are the devs even aware of the bug? Forum posts are not bug reports. Bugs in the EU regions must be reported via the bug reporting tool.

I’ve opened many in-game tickets for this issue, I’ve tried posting on social media, but everything just gets ignored…

Tickets aren’t bug reports either. GM’s aren’t coders and don’t fix bugs. Same goes for social media. They don’t fix bugs either, and they will ignore the reports because Blizzard don’t want them being used as an alternative bug reporting path, because then everyone will report bugs that way, and the social media team will have no time left to do their actual jobs.

Bugs MUST be reported via the bug reporting tool.

I realise that this isn’t what you want to hear, so many people think that the social media team and the customer support teams and the GM teams should forward on their bug reports, but they really won’t.

One final edit: My druid also has the gpyph of stars and DOES NOT have this bug. Are you sure its not addon-related? I do not use any addons.

I’ve also submitted bug reports, still nothing.
Let me just rephrase my post: I’ve done everything in my power (tickets, bug reports, tagging them wherever possible).
There is nothing left I can do apart from creating a forum thread about it.
And even if you submit a bug ticket in-game, you never get any response anyway.

People in below linked forum posts on the US Forum and Reddit have also submitted numerous bug reports for this issue, yet zero confirmation on Blizzard’s behalf.

15 votes and 13 comments so far on Reddit

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Can confirm this is happening.

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