Druid looking for a home [H][Dreanor]

Hi all,
I got dragonflight yesterday and currently looking to join a guild to get back into raiding and m+, haven’t played since BfA so I need a guild that can teach me and help me while I learn the changes.

I used to be in every raid, I am playing guardian druid as main but I can switch my main to balance if needed.

I might be new but I’m a fast learner and be very active in all aspects of the guild.
For more information here is my b-net: Tzahi#21780

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Hey there , you still on the lookout for new guild ?
I think were a good match, so if youre interested in knowing more. You can contact me on discord

Or check out our guild recruitment post.

were not on the same server, but if youre up to it you can servertransfer or start a toon on our serverpool :slight_smile: anything to join the right guild :wink:

Welcome back to Wow! If you‘re still looking for a guild on Draenor, feel free to contact me on discord → Schali for a quick talk :slight_smile:

Hi there. coincidentally I’ve literally just updated our realm recruitment post looking for a new tank and the way you’ve described yourself sounds pretty perfect so far for us.

Unfortunately we’re not on Dreanor, but we are on Tarren Mill, which is another high population server.

We are currently a horde only guild, but just trialling alliance characters with a view to potentially opening up to cross-faction recruiting in the next few months.

In the meantime, we’re looking for new members … including at least one new tank.

We are a casual raiding guild - we only run normal and heroic raids (ie, we don’t do Mythic) so, ideally, we’re not looking to recruit anyone who’s goal is to progress onto Mythic raiding.

We are happy to have members who are new to their role and/or new to raiding - we have plenty of people who play multiple alts and therefore can advise on pretty much any role, class and spec. And they’re happy to help :wink:

If this sounds interesting, please visit our realm post for more information:

Hiya! Welcome back to WoW :smiley:

Soul Crusaders (Turalyon/Doomhammer) might be what you’re looking for. We’re a small, people-centred guild that runs normal and heroic raids as well as M+. We understand that real life comes first - and life is busy! So our raid and scheduled M+ sessions are fairly short: raids are Sun and Tues nights 21:30 -23:00 Server Time. Our M+ nights are on the same time slots, with Friday being the higher keys brackets (the key levels change through the season, as we progress; the main goal for Fri night is working towards KSM and beyond), Thurs is practising, building confidence and improving gear, and when there is interest, Wed nights are learning, gearing and practising runs with baby keys. Currently, Fri m+ is being alternated with the Mega-dungeon. Loads of members run ad hoc keys as well, so you’re not necessarily limited to the scheduled runs.

Please note, we’re now in the end of season lull, so it’s quieter than usual :slight_smile: We are still running HC Aberrus for gearing and alts, and will soon be focusing on the achievements in there.

There’s no attendance expectations; we have fully social members, some who only sign up for raids and not M+ and vice versa, and those who enjoy both. We have quite a few members who work shifts, so it’s not a problem if you can’t make both raid nights every week. Obviously it’s better if most people can attend regularly though :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re currently looking for DPS, one healer and a reserve tank (e.g. main spec DPS, with an active tank OS ) - with the potential for role as regular main tank (so your druid would be perfect :stuck_out_tongue: ).

If you’d like to find out more, feel free to contact me Bnet: sheira#1910 or Discord: Lakshmii#0552 (or since the name change, I think it might just be Lakshmii now!?)

Our raids are also usually live-streamed, so if you’re curious, look up twitch.tv/erdiud on Sun/Tues evening during the times mentioned above :slight_smile:

Or, feel free to post a guild application at discord.gg/TqMFRAqH (You can’t see the full server as a guest, there’s loads more in there with member access :stuck_out_tongue: )

Looking forward to hearing from you!