Druid skins from Emerald Dream Worldbosses

Do they drop? Am I just incredibly unlucky? Or did Blizz cruelly get us excited about cool new animal forms just to lock them away behind abyssimal drop rates?

Surely they would not be this mean to fluffy druids, would they?

Seriously, killed the bosses at least 20 times, not a single Mark of Something to show for it.

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They certainly have low drop chance. They don’t want everyone to get everything on day one.

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I have quite some of the new forms now, from rare drops sure. But there are also some cool new forms that are not that dependent on RNG.

The only form I truly care about is the one that drops of the WB indd though, the werebear form.

I won’t kill the WB tomorrow here in EU untill I see posts of Druid that got it. Last wednesday I did it as fast as possible and then later read that there was something weird going on with the loot from the WB.

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Bear form do drop from world boss in Emerald Dream, but drop chance is low and it’s raid boss, so you have only one chance for loot per character per week and that character must be druid. I have four druids, mark of that new bear form dropped on third attempt.

Three more attempts this morning and still nothing. Must be me I guess… :smiling_face_with_tear:

I got the Runebear, when I posted in druid discord they said I might be the world first person to get it, as on the first day of the WB there was an issue, druids were not receiving any loot. So I did the boss right after the hotfix :smiley:

But afaik, the drop % is very low.


Just diving in to say that I’ve been in some pretty big pulls of the Worldbosses only for no-one to get anything! So the drops are pretty rare, we’ll all keep trying :smiley:

I saw one druid on silvermoon in the valdrakken AH with the new forest bear form, so it does drop, must be a 1% droprate though

Honestly its not just wb.

I got two druid characters and I killed every Ristar, Keevah, Moragh, Chian and mosa about 25 times now, and no mark at all. Talk about respecting druid’s time eh Blizzard?

I one also. He told me, he got it on the first try, but he was in Guardian spec with loot set to Guardian

Managed to get three of the new forms that drop from world Bosses in the meantime. So it seems to be not quite as bad as I initially feared. Still, getting them all will require some serious farming…


Meanwhile I am here on 2 druids killing every rare every day and wb every week thats relevant and dont get anything.

Sorry fellow Druid, that sounds like real bad luck. Blizz should really include a bad luck protection where the failed attempts at least improve your future chances….

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