Druid the most mobile class in PvP


More than decade ago I choose druid to be my main class and loved it for the mobility it had back than.

Loved displacer beast and how you could kite enemy.

Sadly they took away our mobility and in the latest expansions they give mobility to every1 but not to druid.

And in TWW every1 again gets extra mobility and we get 2 sec longer stampeding roar or 3 lower cd if used Wild Charge in boomkin form. This must be a joke!

I made this post because i love this class but I can’t play it anymore coz its not fun anymore, why they make every1 mobile but not us druids. Sorry for my english.

In TWW i think our hero trees are boring and i think its time to change class but i cast see myself playing other class :frowning: and that’s what made me make this post.

BLIZZARD make us MOBILE again


Yes Druid mobility is no longer top tier and its actually awkward to use compared to more modern specs…
You get one charge of wild charge while a rogue can step cc healer and step back to kill target whereis you as feral(a wild cat) get tired of one jump? then have to walk shamelessly back to your kill target and by the time you are there your cc on the healer wears off lol.
Almost every spec has a spammable root or slow so you either kill your dps shifting in and out or you just you try to reach your target whereis a pala(remember the wheelchair jokes?) can use freedom and be immune to roots for some seconds and connect no problem


Even DKs are getting their version of divine steed when used gain immunity to roots and snares while gaining 100% movement speed bonus.

And we still got one Wild charge

Not saying that most classes gain extra charge for their main mobility spell


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