Dungeon Finder Cataclysm with friends of different level range

Good Day,

i have quick question, is it possible for me (lets say: lvl 70 Paladin) to queue up with my friends for dungeons via dungeon finder if they are way below my level like lvl 20-25? (Cataclysm Classic)

Is there any downscaling or am i forced for dungeons in my lvl range 70 for experience, or is it even restricted for doing so?

Thanks in advance

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I’m sorry. I didn’t see this post.

In case you are still interested in the question, it may be that Party Sync can temporarily drop your 70 to your friend’s level to group. I know it used to work that way.

Your friend invites you to a Party and then presses the Party Sunc button, you accept and your level is restricted.