Dungeon finder M+

Im an M+ player , i like the constant strive to raise the bar.
im an outlaw rogue last season i reached my personal goal 3k rating , now im at 2301 i got myself to ilvl 508 which is ok for second week. As rogue i bring utility

All those factors taken in account, im sitting here eyeballing at a screen for 45 mins getting 76 declines/group full.

When I try and queue for a group , i take in account do they have combat res or timelaps,heroism. So its not like i randomly queue spam.

But this is just not fun… and actually a waste of time not like you can do much else in game.

Is it viability? ranged vs melee? Augmentation Evoker which is desired and takes up a dps spot (hes a dps but not dps)?

For example why are melee still cleave capped? Its not because melee are to bursty not more than hunters , mages , spriests, warlocks . removing the cleave cap would certainly open up some diveristy in a 5 man group.

Now you could argue that you could do your own key, and i do agree on that were it not the fact that you waste just as much time . Nobody queues when you dont have at least a tank in party.

I don’t think it can be fixed easely, i just hope it gets looked at.

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When it is about dps it usually is about the amount of players the groupleader can choose from. There are just way more dps players relative to tanks and healers.

I would suggest you join a (or a couple) discord communities though :slight_smile:

i have exercise for you - make a group for for example dreamsurge or superbloom and see the amount of 515 + people signing up :slight_smile:

then you will understand why 508 is on lower end of gearing atm .

you have fallen behind the gearing curve mate - thats why you are declined on high keys

gl next season :slight_smile:

ordo what they do - you have now 360 wyrm and 360 aspect crests to farm up :slight_smile:

508 is really not behind the gearing curve, lol.

i made groups for superbloom/dreamsurges 4 times today - the amount of 510+ people farming those on wednesday mornings is shocking high . (thx god for home office job :smiley: )

and if OP wants to do +10 and higher - he is competing with 515+ meta dps.

it may seems not much but its kinda collosal tbh in case of pugs choosing and denying people .

those higher limits on wyrm / aspect crests combined with bulion gear is really showing :slight_smile:

which is positive imo - it should be always like this

bulions should stay with us each single season . game is 20000 % more enjoyable when you have bis weapon on week 2 of season.

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I tried to understand for what keylevel the OP tries to apply for, but it isn’t in the post. Obviously when you sign up for keys you do not have the score for and depending on how high the key is, also not the ilvl, then it becomes difficult. But we have been running 10’s and higher with below 510 ilvl full time last week.

i have done +8’s on fortified some ++ others + depending on who the tank and healer is
all my tyrranical keys were +5 /6 to start with week one and i want to take it at least to + 8 /+9 this week which is absolutally doable.

And as for wyrms and Aspects im both capped out with nothing to upgrade.
This week im aiming to reach the cap again only not at this rate :slight_smile:

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Well most people that come up with " i dont get invites or if i put my key in it takes more then 1 hour to get a decent group" they are usually people with patience like a small walnut = NONE. it takes not 30 min to have a group or even create one group. Wanna bet u complain for waiting 3 - 5 min and then say it takes ages? Lol.

Then u have 515+ dps and do dps of a 486 itlvl one. Really man itlvl doesnt say if u are good or know your class. Simple.

Im not exaggerating at all, and i think of myself as a very patient man.
at the start of my post till now i managed to do 1 dungeon a +7 No’kud.
If thats not being patient than i dont know lol

i found myself a community but doesnt seem that active
if you know some active discord communities pls let me know :slight_smile:

it doesnt matter.

want to see how people are really geared ? get +8 AV key and list it. in 2 minutes you will have your list filled to brim with 515-517 itlv people - like i did - lucked out with +8 AV key so i filled group with 2900 + score alsmot 520 itlv people who carried me to +++ key :slight_smile:

that ssaid im not speaking about comptence of players - because you cannot judge it unless you check parses.

regardless - i just hit 513 - and i can still farm up 120 wyrm and like 200 aspects -_- and even with 513 its pure nightmare trying to get into +8 as dps due to crazy competition

push your own key then ?

i know i put my key up get ton dps but healers and tank so rara so ugh dps plenty buck but tank healer dude 1 advice play as tank or healer save so much time

that depends on key ofc - but the season best gauge to see where people are up with gearing is +8 AV - fast efficient key for GV compared to others.

if you list it in minute you have like 100 + sign ups including like 30-40 % being 515+ .

if i bothered to farm up 160 aspects i still miss till cap i would be there too .

next week it will be likely close to 520 with 3rd bulion item and additional crest caps


I’ve waited 40 minutes to start a +10 neltharus because we were missing a tank. The guy that made the group had waited 20 minutes before I applied to the group as a healer.

Then we wiped on first pull and someone left, lol.

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