DUSKBORN Social raid team is recruiting for 2 day raiding

Hi everyone my guilds cross realm community is recruiting a few more patient people to progress with us on a regular basis. It is a social run but we do all want to progress and get curve together. We do wipe and do have mistakes happen so if you do not like that do not contact me :stuck_out_tongue: we do sometimes 1 shot bosses but that is not a goal or something any of us expect.

We raid every Wednesday and Thursday @ 2000 server time (7 uk) we raid for 3 hours but fi you gotta go early that is fine.

For myself and a few others this is about doing the raid on a regular basis with familiar people and progressing together in a chill atmosphere. So far we have cleared normal and doing HC this week but we will be doing normal again once we see how HC goes.

If this interests you add me on battlenet Harrydruid@2290 and/or join our discord

5tjXYjJNu2 – discord link (sorry cant post full link)

We are a community looking for all players not just for raids so check us out guys!! :slight_smile:

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