Dutch Horde guild LFM

To not be rude to our international community this is posted in English, but we are in fact looking for Dutch players, just because it’s easier making fun of eachother or communicate in general on Discord in our native language.

We currently are a small friends guild called Omega Trihards consisting of players who came back to WoW classic after having played Vanilla and a few expansions. We play WoW in a casual pace (one or two exceptions) and now that a few reached 60 and some more getting close, we concluded we should expand if we like to play higher level content with the guild on more regular base, and eventually raid.

We are looking for any class or level really, though 40+ would be prefered to not stay behind to far. Most important is you have the right attitude and a good sense of humor, and very important, not be offended easily because we can be considered fairly “not politically correct” or “overly sensitive” when it comes to joking around.

Our goals:

  • Guild runs in dungeons, having a laugh while collecting our gear
  • Premade PvP when Battlegrounds finally arrive
  • Raiding, guild only would be cool, but cooperative with a friendly guild is also quite possible
  • Enjoy yourself! We do not stress or argue about gear, a wipe or anything really

What can we offer?

  • Fun mature group of people
  • Discord server
  • Casual gameplay, going for all content eventually but at an easygoing pace

What are we looking for?

  • People who speak Dutch and use Discord during events
  • Mature in attitude and sense of humor
  • No stress, drama, rushing, greed
  • Be helpful and have some patience when needed

Just send me, or anyone you see online in our guild a message if you are interested or require more information! Either for joining up, or cooperating on content eventually.

Since this post we doubled our group so guild runs are going nicely. We are still looking for more, multiple group runs and eventually raiding in mind. Any class is welcome, preferred 40+ but not to strict on that.


Inmiddels groeien we rustig aan, dungeons met alleen de guild zijn geen issue meer. Maar we willen graag groeien! Momenteel doen we mee met wat raid PUG’s maar bij voorkeur doen we natuurlijk guild raids, en als het zo ver is ook premade BG’s met de guild.

Nederlandstalige spelers, of guilds die samen willen werken of wellicht samen gaan, laat het weten!

Today we merged into Mayo Fusion so no longer active as Omega Trihards