DW OR 2H for PvE

Any Experience with DW Obli vs 2H Obli build in PvE? Which one do you guys prefer? Which one is more viable ? Asking it cuz there is no way I will do BoS build. Thanks for the answers.

I’m interested in this as well - just started DK and I really enjoy frost! But I’m not sure which to go with…

Im playing both atm trying to figure out. For mythic + aoe build i enjoy 2h better, but for ST and raids dual wield wins by a long shot. But you are stats dependant as hell, you need at least 20% crit to make hefty procs often.

I play 2h Oblit and doing kind of ok in M+, currently at +10 and +11. I’m not saying that I am always topping the meters, but I end up with between ~37k - 45k overall dmg with 386 ilvl depending on the dungeon and wipes, etc. Haven’t really tried DW oblit, but tried BoS, and I feel the same way about it as you do :slight_smile: With 2h Oblit, one of my main problem is that it does not have the same “bigboom” AOE dmg as a fury warrior for example, and it feels like these specs are “stealing” the dmg from me when it is not fortified. Idk if I explained it right but I think you will get what I mean. It feels a bit clunky and slow compared to an HDH, Fury or WW.

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