Dwarf, human or dranei


Which race shoul I roll my paladin?


What’s more important to you, racials or looks/movement/playstyle?

I chose to roll mine (Lightforged) Draenei. Why? Mostly because I found Human boring (and arguably not a great racial) and a(n) (Iron) Dwarf moves so weirdly, hopping around like a bunny ><.

Even though their racial is supposed to be a little better defensively I simply couldn’t stand looking at them.

In other words; Whatever you prefer to play as.


To be honest LF Draenei is a banging pick for Paladin.


Looks 100%

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Dwarf, of course.


spacegoat females are master race

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It’s completely up to you but here’s my views:

  1. Draenei have such an affinity to the light that it makes sense for them to be Paladins
  2. Humans are also a good choice for Paladins but honestly who wants to play as a boring old Human?
  3. Dwarves are a bit of a weird fit for paladins for me personally
  4. Female Draenei


What role do you plan?
Dark Iron dwarf have one of the best racial.
I think Light forged draenei the best DPS racial

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Draenei and their stupid elephants get stuck on all the doorways.

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Human male all the way. Elekk are annoying and you’ll need to buy a horse glyph unless you want to get stuck everywhere.

Get a scarlet tabard, Royal Crest of Lordaeron and start cookin’ up.


Light forged or dark iron: the choice is yours.

P. S. Look at me and envy my greatness.


Female Draenei.
How can you play anything else …

No seriously , if i had an option to play female Dwarf / female Human or killmyself obv i had to choose #2


Don’t forget that you can buy the whole scarlet set in Darkmoon Fair if you have the tabard.

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That one is missing several pieces (well, missing, they don’t exist) and it’s far too old. We need some new Scarlet goodness.


If your into Transmog and Shoes don’t pick Draenei, they only have hoves ! :smiley:


Don’t forget the helmets. The most of them look horrible with their flashy horns.


Dwarf look the best with a shield and hammer imo

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