DX12 crash the game

Switching to DX12 in graphics settings crashes the game/makes it freeze up. Running AMD 7000 series card. Reasons for wanting to use this is mainly for variable refresh rate and also AMD commonly has better performance with DX12. Is there a fix in the works for this?

Why start a new thread on this topic when there are multiple ongoing threads already?

One of which you posted in saying exactly that before you created this thread.

Because these are two different issues, crashing in the game happens on dx11, and dx12 isn’t possible to change to since it freezes up the game

There all the same issue all with AMD hardware, this does not happen with NVIDIA hardware, least i am not seeing a topic about NVIDIA users having these issues.

If been thru 2 gpu’s 6900 XT and 7900 XTX they both also had same issue, the only time i had zero issues was on Linux but my motivation went down to 0 to play this game.

It should just be stable on Windows.

Many staff has been fired due to issues at Activision Blizzard and now transition into Microsoft more staff is being fired, while these issues have been ignored for 440+ days.

System freezes or well video scheduler freezes or driver timeouts these all happen on AMD gpu’s even reports of potential memory leaks or vram memory leaks altho without proof.

On top of a resource conflict that causes a deadlock which already proofs the issue is with the game code, cos deadlock is also reported on NVIDIA systems its just not causing any problems in this case, not sure what is going on with AMD / Blizzard

All that AMD list is an issue with long startup time ignoring everything else that been going on for 3 months.

These issues are all due to neglect at Blizzard.

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