DX12 Is so broken

i been having stuttering and freezes problem, wiped addons WTF cache etc, even reinstalled the game, normally dx12 is better in other games but not here, i changed to dx 11 ands its like the night and day, 0 lags 0 stuttering higher max fps, less RAM usage… damn fix it, games should run better in dx12…

DirectX12 intend tends to provide better performance than any of the predecessors, but there is a caveat included: it’ll only do that if the hardware/drivers play nice with the application/game itself.

We’ve seen a few cases of older hardware components (specifically CPU/GPU/motherboard) suffering measurable performance drops under DX12. This may also be the case here, and using DX11/DX11legacy would be a better call. The option to do so does exist for a reason within WoW. :slight_smile:

I’ve had the same issues with DX12 as of the latest patch and have a 3060!

There are a few others on the forum here reporting the same issues with DX12, switching to DX11 mitigates the problem… but yea no ray tracing.

As of today, I can’t even turn on DX12 anymore.

I logged in on Wednesday, did a dungeon and crashed. Then no more crashes but frequent stutters… then when we went to raid I had nothing but crashes until I figured out DX12 was the problem.