Dysfunctional people in pvp

Was going to SM on my lock. Its lvl 30, and when I got to SM I was instantly killed by a lvl 37 rogue. I had just come off fp and was not in meta and did not have a demon out.
I ressed and popped into meta, got a few ticks of mana. Then the rogue opened again.

This time I was able to kill him, even though he was 7 lvls higher. Unfortunately a shaman joined in and killed me a split second after the rogue died.

And for the next 10 minutes this rogue just camped me. I ressed, and he instantly opened on me. Again and again. Lol.
My only conclusion is that he felt embarrased at losing to someone 7 lvls lower, and needed to nurse his ego.
Hence the title. There are some seriously dysfunctional people playing this game. :joy:

are you telling us meta wlock is so op, you can kill rogue 7 lvl above you?


No. I am saying that rogue was so bad that he couldnt kill someone 7 levels lower than him. Explains why he spends his time killing low lvls.

Sounds like pvp happened on a pvp server tbh.