Easy fix for shadow M+ at 10.2 | Offering what should blizzard put on the next hotfixes

Just an idea on how to fix the current states that shadow faces in 10.2.
No group would want a shadow priest, caz we lack AOE at will - since the patch we have to pick mindbender, and big part of our AOE comes from Inescapable Torment.
so all you have to do, is make Mind bender a permanent pet so we’ll be able to actually use our AOE at will - of course we still need to dot everything and then active Inescapable Torment with shadow word: death or mind blast.

Now you probably thinking that Idol of Y’Shaarj is now pointless, don’t worry i got you:
Idol of Y’Shaarj can be the talent that’s makes Mindbender permanent and make it stronger by what evet % you want, or even none since its up all the time and you don’t want to make shadow to strong (lol), we cool with it :smiley:

hope someone is going to read it and it helped to get an easy fix for a class that having hard time in M+ groups - and maybe some class designer can serve this idea and get an easy fix that was right in front of us

BTW - Mindbender doesn’t need to act like a pet, he can stay just like he is now, its super nice that he just ports with Inescapable Torment and doing he’s thing,

Peace and joy

Becouse it is pointless top 2 shadow in m+ doesnt even build it lol

https ://raider.io/characters/eu/tarren-mill/Nhaji?season=season-df-3 ←
talents used https://www.wowhead.com/talent-calc/priest/shadow/DAQEFAVVEERUFEKFSIFCBUNVRFUUVSgVFIgRBE

And which one is good? One is locked behind spirits, the other one got no time to get stacks because everything die so fast.
Third one is only on flay cast which we dont do much.

Balance is 6 buttons spec and ot everything easier and simplier.

Tentacle idol? Balance got the same that do damage and increase his by 10%. Guess what. It procs from all spells not only lets say sunfire.

Balance is so clean spec now compared to shadow. We need 3-4 talents just to spread dots on shadow tree, while balance got it on druid left tree. Blizzard is a joke.

The only fix to burst aoe is to make shadow crash apply devouring plague.

make dark ascension so you can cast while moving and make it instant cast also make power word infusion a hero instead of a buff.

add back doors of shadow with instant cast that gives absorb and movement speed make it stack to 2 easy you fixed the game.

remove shadow crash, hate this ability in next expack please.
Make Mindblast spread VT
Make Shadow word death spread Pain.

also buff up our ending talents they suck.

Make dispersion and silence a priest talents instead remove mind games.

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