Easy M+ fix for frost dk

make frostscythe do more damage, benefit from all the obliterate damage enhancing talents and cost 2 runes instead of 1. then we wouldn’t be reliant on either a pumper heal keeping us alive when getting fixated or losing all our dps for the next 1-2 mins because we had to do mechanics. having your primary “cleave” ability tied to death and decay feels super bad. and breath is so reliant on the whole group playing around you to do damage. which i think is why we never see any frost dks in higher keys.

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Glacial advance and howling blast? You can usually blinding sleet etc too, not that often you’re totally gone from combat

Doesnt matter if you’re “totally gone from combat” or not. Point is, with sanguine and similar mechanics from trash where we need to be mobile. Having DnD being tied to our cleave doesnt work. If you just popped dnd to start cleaving, then the tank decides to move the mobs because of some puddle or just ignorance, we are out of options for effective cleave. Howling blast without rime, and glacial advance dont make up for that. And frostscythe almost never sees the light of day because of how poorly it works compared to obliterate, like it doesnt generate enough runic power, it doesnt benefit from the frigid executioner talent. Its a missed oportunity to really smoothen out the spec with some minor easy changes.

Trust me I hate the dnd cleave, makes me not want to play as frost at all. Was converting over to it because when you can pop off in the dnd, big boom. Tank moves, sad boom! Will probably stick with disease UH and blood!

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