Echo of Neltharion Melee One-shot bug

Hi there,
I was raiding last week with my guild, we cleared Abberus Heroic all the way to Echo Of Neltharion when we ran into little trouble with tank swap mechanic in Phase 1. It is supposed to launch main tank certain distance and Off tank has to taunt it back so it leaves pool in room raid was currently standing in. Problem is, right after taunt, first hit that Nelthation did on Tank was 1,5m dmg melee hit, or 2,5m melee hit. We were aware that Neltharion leaves debuff that increases physical dmg taken, and kept that in mind when doing mechanic, yet it seemed like the debuff persisted despite it “Wearing off”.
Only solution we found to that was to leave the instance and reset it, that gave us 2-3 pulls without that issue, and after that it came back up.
We have logs uploaded to warcraft logs from that wipefest
Tank it happened to was around 437ilvl, there is no point to be made about me being undergeared :slight_smile:
My guess lies in Monk Stagger bug, it shows on logs i abosorbed in 0.05s 1,5m dmg and got hit by 600k melee with around 100k overkill dmg. It seemed to oneshot only me as Brewmaster, not happening to our DH which is lower ilvl, around 415-420-ish. But again, it’s just pure guess.
I am hoping to get some feedback if someone had similar issue, and if so how you dealt with it.
Cheers, Valdas

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