Egg camping the new planned content


I actually thought that it was bugged, eggs were phasing out as I walked to click on them. Na egg camping is the problem. Not even their fault, just poor game design by blizz. When u attach a tmog to collecting an item. That is only collectible at a very specific time of year. U should know that item is getting camped. How is this not fixed lol.


A boiled egg in the morning is hard to beat.


Sounds like second hardest thing to beat in the morning …

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If you can afford it you can just play during the night and hunt the eggs in less populated areas. It’s realy easy and quick. I am farming eggs but not for transmog, instead I just want that hearthstone.

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The hearthstone was indeed were the fight for these colorful :egg:s

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@Athanaim: There really is no need for a specific fix. Just go to another location (or, if able, play outside evening prime time), eggs are not only available in Goldshire. On many servers that is the only crowded collection place and even on many of those, only during prime time…

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As Alliance I would advice Azuremyst Isle. There’s hardly anyone there, and if you do a little circle-run around the area, then you’ll get far more eggs than if you’re just camping a single spot in Goldshire. I think I collected 600 eggs in ~1½ hour or so. That’s easily twice as much as just farming a single spot, and it’s less boring too!
Azurewatch is definitely the best spot for Alliance. And you can optimize it even further if you reduce the ground clutter in your graphics settings to zero – the eggs become so easy to spot, much easier than in Goldshire.

Don’t know why people have this sheep mentality of doing Noblegarden in Goldshire using a strategy that’s sub-optimal. It’s dumb. Stop doing it. :yum:

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This. Egg camping is pretty simple. Done 'em previous years… no problem. Been using Dolanaar and Azuremyst Isle.mostly, but also tried Kharanos.

Avoiding prime time can be wise tho.


I guess I’m one of those dummies that uses GS strategy just yesterday I farmed 750 eggs in total by camping one spot next to the entrance of GS next to the horses and got my mount and HS it only took me 2hours.

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Well, when Goldshire is overrun with players, then more often than not the camp-spots are going to be contested by other players. If you’re lucky to have a spot for yourself for 2 hours – awesome! But it’s more common that some other player will try to grab the same eggs you’re camping.
Then it’s just easier to go to a place like Azuremyst Isle where you can find just as many eggs just as fast, and there’s less competition from other players over the eggs.
It is a bit silly everyone goes to Goldshire and then finds it problematic that there’s so many other players in Goldshire too. Just go somewhere else then. There’s nothing special about Goldshire. :yum:


It’s true but convinience also my spot got contested a few times but I managed to collect them allgot to catch them all pokemonlol I don’t think that joke works for egg hunting but azuremyst works well too :yum: I like the :rabbit: ears it’s a nice touch to your mog.

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