'Elders' Guild, Horde, recruiting


The Elders guild is recruiting!

We are a combination of Classic vets and later expansion players, We are currently in leveling mode so it is pretty relax so far.

We plan to go into raiding content at least 2 days a week when our roster is complete and give everyone the chance to get to level 60. If you want to join contact Evad , Drekstar or Crowbar or any Elder member for information.

Please be aware that once we go in a raid Discord is mandatory as voice communications just ease the encounters (I mean who wants to type and die:D)

Outside of raids things are relaxed and chill and we all in for some fun re-enacting the classic feel from 15 years ago.

So if you want to enjoy the game and get into some raid content later please keep us in mind.

Kind regards,

The Elders

P.S. You can also contact us through the server discord which u can find:

We also have our own discord which you can enter once u are a member.