Ele Shaman looking for guild and M+


Hey guys,

I am currently looking for a guild to give my Shaman (Elemental) „Vætulus“ a nice home. I have been playing WoW for about 18months now (so might still have questions about old content), previously on another Alliance realm. Can’t afford a new BattleTag with several char trans, so I am after a fresh start on Silvermoon to get a fair bit of distance to my previous ‚playmates‘ as they were not of the right mindset, not suited for my ambitions in this game and additionally having a bad influence on their community/surroundings – including me. Basically, I got out of a bad relationship and looking for a new community.

I am looking for a mature guild-community, who can be relaxed and fun, as well as ambitious and striving for the best at the same time, happy to help each other and share their wisdom without patronising – as I give that in return. I have established myself in the game and have been raiding Antorus 1/11M & Uldir 4/8M on a casual level and going towards proper mythic raid.

Doing the next step up in the game, ideally with a nice bunch of like-minded people, who have similar ambitions. It might take a couple of trials to find the right group as I am sure it is a 2way thing between give/take and being compatible as a team. I’d like to find a regular raid as well as daily M+ - perhaps even find a patient person who’d be happy to introduce me to PvP.

Any further questions will be happily answered. /w me

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Hey Vætulus,

Give me a message KRYSIZ#2224 or in-game as I think we’re a good match for you.

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Logik sound perfect. Maturish guild, we do have a right laugh in discord. 5 nights a week we push keys, 2 nights a week raid.

Very close knit social guild, some really good and funny people.

Message desema if you’re interested

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