Elemental Shaman AOE Rotation

Hi guys

I have a few clarification questions I cant seem to work out by reading wowhead and icy-veins Elemantal guide.

What confuses me is the following

  1. The Legendary gives your EQ 120% more dmg after using an ES first. So that is pretty simple ES, then EQ then ES then EQ etc. etc. into the big pack pulls 2+ targets.

  2. But, the 2 and 4 set bonus favours the usage of LB to extend elemental or shorten the CD on the elemental if not up

But as described above the AOE rotation clearly favours just going ES and EQ and then shoot the LB when the FS makes it proc and become instant.

But it seems kinda strange to make a tier set bonus that favours you using ALL your LB on CD to lower the CD on elemantal or to extend it if up, but most of the time in M+ you are doing AOE big pack pulls where I from details clearly can see EQ is more than 50% of my total dmg so why would I hard cast LB at any point outside of it being instant after a FS proc?

Can anyone help me understand this please?

Maybe I can put it more simple

Should I at any point Hard Cast my LB when off CD or should I only ever cast it on FS proc when doing AOE packs?

For basic AoE, you should use LB (regardless of it being instant or cast time) just before: -

  • You cast your EotGS empowered Earthquake, in order to increase its damage by 20% via the MotE talent.


  • Just before you use each Stormkeeper empowered Chain Lightning, again, to increase the damage by 20%.

I myself will also use an instant LB (if it procs) to empower the Earth Shock used to trigger the EotGS legendary during AoE as well, not sure if it’s actually worth it or not though.

Yeah, it doesn’t make sense. I’m pretty sure the devs only considered single target fights with people using the Windspeaker’s legendary. Using Lava Burst during AoE (except to empower certain spells) is incredibly counterintuitive.

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