Elemental Shaman needs to be "reworked" - PvP

Hello, everyone. After playing a lot of pvp in the beta and in the current pre-patch I couldn’t help but think and reflect on the current state of elemental shamans in pvp.

The current change that this class has undergone has been very nice and very necessary, it was lagging behind other classes for years and was obsolete in its gameplay and abilities. But we still have the same problem as every year, after many years and the years continue to pass and we continue with the same problem: survivability and defensive spells / abilities.

It is not possible that after all the changes and the advances gained with DF we continue to be the preferred class to be killed, the favorite target in any field and it is not for less… we end up dead even if we drop all the defensive cds and run like chickens without head. It’s a matter of time before the shaman dies in a focus since he doesn’t have a decent survivability compared to other classes and I’m writing this because it’s not something new… we’ve been like this for years!

DF presented itself as an opportunity, a small opportunity that they could give this class a spell, an ability, a talent… something! that prevents us from being the focus par excellence and we could not do anything to avoid it, die.

We are very reliant on healers or companions to be able to face combat in arenas or hodgepodge with tanks, we can’t depend so much on people or a healer when our class is so poor compared to all the others. We have absolutely nothing, just run and end up dead, the level doesn’t matter, the rating doesn’t matter, the team doesn’t matter, everything doesn’t matter… the result is the same anywhere in the world.

PLEASE!!! take advantage of DF to give something to the elemental shamans. Many years have been left behind on the same topic, survivability and defensive cds in pvp, do something and take advantage of DF so that this class can be played on equal opportunities.

Not everything is damage. We need something to avoid being THE DAMN TARGET or survive a moment of burts.

Thanks and greetings, I hope someone can get this to Blizz or some blue.

A hug.


same is true for the whole class Shaman, not only elemental.
Now that self heal of enhance is also pretty bad with spenders being majority of the dmg, enhance is even more squishy than elemental.
At least elemental can make use of 2 roots, 2 knockbacks and 2 stuns. Unfortunately most classes can instantly connect and while it is bad against 1 enemy, it gets impossible against 2. Even a healer cannot help you out much. If the enemy plays zugzug and the enemy healer dispells your FS then you cannot do anything at all.

And if ele is left alone he can oneshot someone. What a great design lol
ele will be very obnoxious in BGs but quite crap in arena will be my prediction. That is of course if ele blast, tier set,magma chamber and stormkeeper won’t get massive nerfs


When did they remove Earth Elemental’s shield ? It used to have an astral shift twin spell…

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You are absolutely right, even so, it continues without doing anything… we have always had the same problem and in DF we still have… THE SAME DAMN PROBLEM!!! Sometimes I don’t understand what the developers of this class do, where do they work? who do you read?


with Dragonfiesta talent revamp. All you can trade now is 5% dmg reduction vs 30% more selfheal lolz

on the plus side you get 5% for both elementals lel (but not 10%)
i mean, seriously… 5%???
like wtf

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hahahaha :dragon: :tada: :partying_face: :piñata:

And you can’t take that one because the other one is 30% more self-healing than practically 100% is necessary.

Hmm. I think it’ll be the main choice in most cases but against double melee I’d consider the dmg mitigation tbh. They will stick on you anyways and getting out hardcasted healing surges against this is very hard and if you’re not able to cast them then it’s a wasted talent slot. (also constant MS-effects will render them weak) 5% isn’t much but it’s atleast reliable and could mean the diference between living with 10% HP and your healer gets out of CC to stabilize you or you being dead before that…


5% is a joke. Healing surge is a joke.

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Yeah, maybe 5% vs 2 meles was be better.

embarrassing those two talents, but the developers are proud and get paid for that rubbish “work” xDDD

There are talents to make you survive in pvp.

Go max versatility, 40% versa gives 20% damage reduction.
Use ghost wolf talents, you get 20% dmg reduction, 2% healing per few seconds, and you can drop totems, purge and wind shear in ghost wolf. Obviously you have 2 shields up while tanking in ghost wolf. In addition to this, you can outrun all opponents with speed buffs available. Thunderstorm can be buffed with pvp talent to 30 sec cooldown and usable in ghost wolf.

Going max tank mode you need pvp trinkets too. In battlegrounds you can make 20 - 0 plays easy after going ghost wolf.

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I only refer to what I have seen and you can see in videos on youtube, fights where there are classes that win 5 rounds (they even win with the debuff of no healing in arenas) and instead I have not seen a single victory of elemental shamans. … they die pathetically.

Everyone has something to heal behind a column, on the other hand, the shamans, even though they are behind a column and are healed… they don’t last 1 duel!!!

I don’t know, I’m a little disappointed, disappointed, I just hope that what I see in BETA doesn’t make it to live.

Elemental Shaman has always been lazy at this, surviving, and still is. Although it has more resources, the other classes also.

A defensive Malestrom spender would fix all elemental shaman issuses for years to come.
However this will not happen.


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