Elemental shaman rotation


First of all. Sorry for my bad englando.

Hello guys. Currently i’m new whit elem and i test 2 type of single target rotation whit same tallent and i cant choose. The first one is a “prioriti” type of rotation. You always go for a highter prioriti spell

  1. Flame shock dot always up
  2. Cast lavaburst. If u have 2 charge cast 2 in a row
  3. If u have enught maelstorm Earth shock
  4. If u dont have enught maelstorm go stormbolt.

Second type rotation play around the master of element. Little bit harder but not extremly. The idie, after u cast a lava burst dont cast another lava burst before u cast another spell and keep your maelstorm until u have lava burst. After u have lava burst u cast earth shock becouse the master of element bonus is %. Earth shock do a hight damage so the bonus is hight. example:

  1. Flame shock dot up
  2. One lava burst (u get master of element buff)
  3. If u have enught maelstorm - earth shock
  4. If u dont have enught maelstorm - storm bolt
  5. After u used the master od elements buff you cast the second lavaburst
    6 . You dont care if u have 2 lavaburst . You dont cast 2 in a row. First lavaburst - earthshock / storm bolt - second lavaburst
  6. You dont cast earth shock before u have master of elwments buff from lava burst

What u think?


Stormkeeper… (when there is 5-6 secs left to pull)

  1. Lava-burst
  2. Flame shock.
  3. Fire ele
  4. Icefury
  5. Lighting bolt
  6. Lava+frostshock
  7. Earthshock when maelstrom more than 80+


(Latexfear) #3

Check icy veins they have guides for both pve and pvp.


Never use ICYVEINS for ele!
https:// stormearthandlava. com/guide/general/priority_list.html