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First of all. Sorry for my bad englando.

Hello guys. Currently i’m new whit elem and i test 2 type of single target rotation whit same tallent and i cant choose. The first one is a “prioriti” type of rotation. You always go for a highter prioriti spell

  1. Flame shock dot always up
  2. Cast lavaburst. If u have 2 charge cast 2 in a row
  3. If u have enught maelstorm Earth shock
  4. If u dont have enught maelstorm go stormbolt.

Second type rotation play around the master of element. Little bit harder but not extremly. The idie, after u cast a lava burst dont cast another lava burst before u cast another spell and keep your maelstorm until u have lava burst. After u have lava burst u cast earth shock becouse the master of element bonus is %. Earth shock do a hight damage so the bonus is hight. example:

  1. Flame shock dot up
  2. One lava burst (u get master of element buff)
  3. If u have enught maelstorm - earth shock
  4. If u dont have enught maelstorm - storm bolt
  5. After u used the master od elements buff you cast the second lavaburst
    6 . You dont care if u have 2 lavaburst . You dont cast 2 in a row. First lavaburst - earthshock / storm bolt - second lavaburst
  6. You dont cast earth shock before u have master of elwments buff from lava burst

What u think?


Stormkeeper… (when there is 5-6 secs left to pull)

  1. Lava-burst
  2. Flame shock.
  3. Fire ele
  4. Icefury
  5. Lighting bolt
  6. Lava+frostshock
  7. Earthshock when maelstrom more than 80+


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Check icy veins they have guides for both pve and pvp.


Never use ICYVEINS for ele!
https:// stormearthandlava. com/guide/general/priority_list.html

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Im not sure icy veins are bad as you think its not noxxic. Its deep and good guide imo. Tell me one thing they have wrong in their guide.


If youre brand new to ele I wouldnt recommend the icefury build, since the rotation is very complex. While you are settling into the class you’ll find it to be very much easier to use the storm elemental build. The damage isnt much worse actually and the simpler rotation means youll have an easier time keeping up on your interrupts/purges/raid awareness. Plus, with essences we have no clue what the best build will be in a weeks time, so dont kill yourself learning the harder rotation.

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