Elisande can be saved!

Tanu’balah !

In the very last “Reforging Tyr” chapter, we had the pleasure to meet Elisande again, and we had a very good talk with her.

In the little cutscene with her, we convince her to give us back the disc and she says “I have enough knowlodge to depart this timeline…” and she leave.

What makes me wonder and i would looove this to happen, is that she would come to our timeline and help us fight the threats against Azeroth!

I always thought she was wasted in Legion is that a char that can control time would not die so easily, let alone be tricked and ally with the Legion.

So i think it would be justice for her to be back and be our ally.

Oh yes, using the multiverse to bring back characters, change characters or even just copy characters, wahat could go wrong?


Well Elisande is one of a kind, she use time magic to such a level that it makes sense for her.

We have 2 swarms of timetravel dragons (with a renewed aspect without titan shackels, even). That can of worms doesn’t close behind her.

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she choose her own destiny in legion she should have easily fought the legion despite finding no chance of victory in visions instead she sold out her own people

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She did not really chose her destiny since she got manipulated by something that prevented her to see the actual “good ending” .

the people of suramar trusted elisande and she reward that trust with betrayal how many innocent nightborne souls are being twisted and used up by the legion’s warmachine even now forever lost to the afterlife where is the justice for this poor souls who’s only crime was putting their faith in that witch elisande

if anything we should be tracking down this vile magistrix’s soul and offering her the same Fel treatment that she provided her people … her soul forever lost

Wow, thats very harsh and rude for her!!!

And also, well, to me this was due to a rewrit of her character in 7.1; 7.0 Elisande would have never done such a thing!

Also we forgave peoples that did worse than what she did!

maybe so but we can only deal with the elisande we was given and shes a vile
collaborator who sent her people to a fate worse then death having their souls slowly consumed in the legion’s warmachine while in constant agonizing pain it’s only fitting that she suffers the same fate i’m sure the demon hunter’s ship is in need of more fuel for their fel engine

and while being consume in the fel hammer’s soul engine all she will hear is “i’ve sacrificed everything what have you given”

Visions or not. She could have choose to fight with rest of Kaldorei. Maybe she will die, maybe most of her people would die or maybe most of them would live. The fact that she DIDN’T choose to fight just make her either stupid or coward. Or both

Funny! But i hope you dont intend to make her soul be consumed fully at some point!

Ever heard of Prophet Velen? Because its what he did kind of…

prophet velen’s inaction was because the light told him to do nothing that worked out well for him :stuck_out_tongue: he even talks about it with hatuun in the red skin quest

granted when he did something “wod” it cost him his life and a inexperienced noviced took over as a leader and got seduced by the windchims :stuck_out_tongue: i mean i like Yrel but who though it was a good idea to appoint her leader surely there was other more seasoned space goats

Well, you ignore the fact that he brought the legion on a lot of world because they were chased and indirectly it caused the death of many innocents.

They also colonized worlds…

So what you want to happen to Elisande soul?!

your ignoring the fact that saggy’s goal was to kill the whole universe they would have come to kill and burn no matter what or are you deillusional and think the burden legion would miss dreanor in their quest to kill everyone

infact you could argue the space goats saved the orcs on their own they would have just been killed by KJ he only spared them as useful tools in his revenge against his brother

heck lets not forget after the orcs was done with the space goats kj abandoned them until he needed more canon fodder for his war on azeroth

so no if the space goats had never landed on the planet they be A: enslaved or B: exterminated and the same goes for every other planet the space goats visited in their 25000 year long run from kj

however the witch of suramar had a choice she choose to surrender her people and sentence them to a fate worse then death to save her own hide shes a vile despot and deserved to suffer the same fate death is to good for Elisande the Betrayer

so what do you suggest?

i’ve already given you my take … feed her to the soul engine

But then…she will die? No? I mean, her torment wont be eternal as you said earlier, or i am mistaken?

as i understood in legion the process of being made into fuel is long and agonizing and even afterwards its not over :smiley: its eternal torment

Hum, i am a bit confused! Could you explain me more!

have velen explain it to you in a broke shores wq ? :smiley: