Elite/Mythic set lightning visuals bugged

Has anyone else noticed that the elite/mythic visual effects (lightning) of the T-set are bugged? If you don’t have the lightning unlocked (yet) you can test it in the dressing room, too.

Some lightning effects just appear once you look at the back of your character (which is the perspective we see our character from 99% of the time). Only when you look from the front they are correctly displayed. xD

Also, DK seems to be the only class affected(?).

Please report this as a bug if you have the time. :slight_smile:

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I have noticed this on the DK and DH sets. You can barely see the lightning effect from the rear of the character, from the front you can clearly see all of the lightning effects.

I’m not sure if its a bug but it has been a little annoying after pushing to 2500 rating for the effects on all sets and then they are barely visible while playing. xD

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