Emissary reward

There is an azerite armor emissary up currently for 370 loot (for me).
My ilevel is 379.
Exactly what level do i need to reach for the reward level to increase?

Also why was this post moved from here into the GD forum? I read the CS information blue sticky to check it was appropriate to post it here. This is what it says.

So i ask again WHY was it moved to GD? And OFC what is the answer to my original query?

Hey Bodzilla,

We do encourage players to ask questions and discuss issues here, but we are not able to answer gameplay related questions directly. These are things that will need to be discovered by players.

I can confirm the following though, as was previously tweeted by @WarcraftDevs:

Azerite Armor caches scale based on the highest item level soulbound gear you’ve picked up for each slot (even if you don’t have the item any more). It doesn’t have to be equipped or kept in your bags.

I know that does not answer your question directly, but it might help you on your quest to discover the answer. This leads me to your following question as well:

It was moved, as this is not a question that we can answer here in the Customer Support forum. It is something that other players might be able to look into with you, and as such we moved it to the General Discussion forum so others can discuss this with you.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!