Enchanted Wyrm's Dreaming Crest

Hello. I have a question about the “Enchanted Wyrm’s Dreaming Crest”.
I’ve used one to craft a chest, with a Spark of Dream, ilvl476 BUT the item is not a set item. The notes say “Provides the following property: Set Item Level based on Crafting Quality (463-476).”
What did i do wrong? t.t

It means that the Enchanted Wyrm’s Dreaming Crest will set the item level to 463-476 based on quality of the craft

To get/make a set item you have to go the Tyr building thing or be lucky in the weekly Vault

I can agree with that, but then they shouldn’t use the frazeing provides set item…just use “provides an item level based on crafting quality”. Why use the term ‘set’ in that context? The words ‘set item’ automatically sends my brain thinking about ‘tier set item’
Unfortunately I’m not the only one who thinks like that, I know a few other people who asked themselves this question, but I was the only one who tested it. :smiley:
Oh well…live and learn.

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