End Game for None Raiders SUCKS!


basically how game used to be for ages? yeah, definately not a problem with the game.

only difference is in the past we could pvp, now we can M+ instead.


actually pet battles can be, unironically, pretty complex :^) not even memeing

maybe not more complex than finding PvP vendors though, otherwise pet battles would’ve been removed now as to not confuse new players

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My i suggest the wonderfull world of doing achievement / collect mount, pet or toys :stuck_out_tongue:?

Thats more or less what i can see you can try focus on if you wanna enjoy your time in wow.

For challange achievements, i will suggest:
1: Proven Ground. (i see you have tested this out and got bronze dps, try get endless 30 in healing, tanking and dps!).

2: BG achievements, not talking about rated BG (tho, you can do that), but, try get some of the random BG achi, just queue up for a BG and aim for 1 achi at the time, atleast they add something dif for you to do in a BG ^^.

Before you know it, you have 5-6 new title to show off :smile:!

But yeah, outside doing old content, BFA doesnt really offer that much, unless you wanna spent hours after hours grinding IE to collect its toy / mounts and Pets, but even that is kinda time gated as only 3 isle are up at the time…


I second this.


So here’s what I use to do at end game & what I would consider Structured with worth while goals……

TBC (I mained a Protection Warrior)
I farmed dungeons until I had a complete set of dungeon set 3… I had to do full clears of Shadow Labyrinth at least 15 to 20 times just for the dungeon set 3 shoulders to drop… & YES, it really was full clears… The 1st boss would fear the group, so you had to clear the whole room just in case someone got feared into uncleared trash. Then if you didn’t clear out all the trash before pulling the 2nd boss, the whole room would aggro. I lost count how many times I ran Steam Vaults to obtain dungeon set 3 gloves, I also farmed Heroic Mechanar on a daily basis for a shot at the ‘Sun Eater’, an epic 1H tanking sword… It never dropped.

I worked on various reputations, hit exalted with the Shar’tar to buy an Epic shield. After Ilse of Quel’Danas was released I worked on earning rep with the Shattered Sun Offensive, eventually reaching exalted via dailies & grinding Magister’s Terrace. Back then you also needed to have honoured reputation with various factions, such as Lower City, Thrallmar & Cenarion Expedition to name a few, to be able to buy heroic key stones which were required just to be able to enter a dungeon on Heroic mode. Also if I remember rightly you needed be revered or exalted with Aldor OR Scryers to be able to buy head &/or shoulder enchants.

I levelled the Engineering profession to max & farmed at least 90% of the materials myself, mainly because I sucked at working the auction house & never had any gold. I crafted ‘Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer’ an epic gun which was pretty good for tanks back in the day. I also went out of my way to complete various attunements & obtained most, if not all keys… Shattered Halls, The Arcatraz & Karazhan.

On a final note it took me months to farm gold & save up for my first epic flying mount… So yeah that kept me busy for several months on one character alone. No need to play loads of alts, though I did find time to level a Paladin on the Alliance side. No need to collect mounts, one or two was enough. No need to chase achievements, simply because they didn’t exist. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s still the same but you have m+ instead which you don’t like.

Only pve end game is raids and m+. Besides that you can chase achiv (if you enjoy it). Many achiv can keep you busy for months and you don’t even have to do end game.

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I don’t know about the poster, but i hate mythic+. Tried it a few times. It’s just killing adds after adds, and filling a bar which is being filled by killing adds. And not pull too much or you’ll die and repeat.

I prefer raiding which is more boss focused instead of 90% of it being add disposal.

But when you’re done with that one time per week thing, you just don’t have that many options to do, if i’m being honest.

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MMORPGs are meant to be social to survive and have fun, that’s the core.

The only thing WoW has of this is raiding.

Even if raiding is flawed and poisonous, it is the ONLY means of this. Some players can make this hell hospitable, bless them, but eventually one of its flaws will kill the group/guild one way or another.

Another example about the MMORPG thing is if we had a cafe but made it behave like a library in silence.
Then go “What’s wrong with this picture?”

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“Build your own army back up” I like this idea. I usually build then prune and continue that cycle :rofl:

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Running instances for gear was a goal , did not matter how long it took you knew the item you were after. Todays instance runs mythic is the total grind for keys and a total RNG feast. The OP is just remembering what it was like and pointing out todays end game compared in the past is bad bah.

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Plenty of people enjoy it, trying to make as much gold as possible by playing the auction house.

Never said it wasn’t, but it is something you can do.

Are you sure there aren’t any unsolved secrets left in the game?

Maybe, maybe not. Finding a way to out of bounds in an instance to go around and explore, for example, probably won’t get you banned though.

Not everyone has lots of alts. I don’t, for example. There’s also ways to make it more interesting, like the iron man challenge.

To some extent, yes. Most people probably don’t try to push it to the limit with their soloing, though. Atal’dazar +11 has been solo’d, for example. Is normal antorus soloable? Is heroic? Who knows, try it.


That is best answer for casual like me also!

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For me, before I unsubbed, it was:

Step 1) Log in
Step 2) Check mission table. Send followers off on new missions.
Step 3) Check emissary rewards. If interesting: do some WQs.
Step 4) Log out.

Had a bit more to do on reset day, but… having something to do for 1 day a week isn’t worth it for me.

So yeah. Unsubbed for a reason.

I don’t care about achievements unless they give something I think is interesting.

I’ve collected most things that I find interesting. I’m not a completionist; I only collect stuff I like.

Goldmaking in BfA is horrible.

I roleplay when I play D&D irl with friends. Much more fun imo.

I’ve hunted all the secrets (ok, not the hivemind since I don’t want to get a group for that and frankly; that mount is horrible and I’d never use it anyway).

Leveling - I enjoy focussing on 1 main. I do have a horde alt just to see all those storylines, but alts for me is only for goldmaking; I don’t gear them or really play them.

Soloing? I already solo as much as I possibly can.

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it sucks for anyone who doesn’t like dungeons.

Raiding is once a week mostly.

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It’s just one of the bits of content aimed at raiders and non raiders so it was worth asking.

I do mythic plus every week but it’s never something I get excited about. I don’t think oh goodie it’s time to do M+. It’s just one of the necessaries xD


WoW now is not made to sit in game for 10+ hours/day. They made it like other minigames, dailies, dailies, dailies, you log in, do activities and log off, they don’t want you to sit in capital doing nothing. It’s good because most people work and can keep up loggin in in late evening and doing all this what someone did at 8:05 that day. Ofc Time > Gear is always a thing.

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I spend my time collecting an levelling pets and during weekends clear old raids


Sad, but under ranked pvp in 90% cases means arena. What can I do if I don’t like arena at all and think that this is not “inline with Warcraft spirit” also.

Want to add to first post - Blizzard don’t care about bg and rbgat all. It shows in huge disbalance in specs everytime, no solo raiting for players, no tournaments for rbg, no real “history of the Warcraft world” and lore involved, laggs if more then 8 players meet in pvp in one place.


My friend who also plays WoW, quite literally logs in 30 to 40 mins before a raid to complete some house keeping tasks as he calls it, raids for 2.5 hours, maybe do a mythic plus after the raid & then logs off. He does this 3 nights a week.

Since WoD he has always referees to WoW as an MMORG, which stands for “Massively Multiplayer Online Raid Game” & says WoW is in a state of raid of quit… If he wasn’t a raider then he wouldn’t bother logging in each week & probably wouldn’t bother renewing his monthly subscription.

He spends more time each week playing other games, various Bethesda titles for example, one of which being Skyrim which he has logged over 1000 hours of play time. The way he sees it, Blizzard have failed because a lot of players that play on a “Casual” basis are actually off playing different games rather than focusing their game time on WoW.

After our conversation I had to agree. During TBC, WotLK & for good chunk of Cataclysm I only had 2 or 3 games installed on my PC, World of Warcraft, Unreal Tournament from 1999 & Command & Conquer Red Alert 3. Then during 2012 I got round to installing Diablo 3 & Minecraft & then by the following Year I was off playing Borderlands 2 & Skyrim.

The point I’m trying to make is that over the years WoW’s game design & fun factor has decreased, NOT increased. WoW in its current form is no longer enough to keep me entertained like it use to, & I find my self more & more turning to different games to fill the void.


He gotta pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers.