Endless disconnect

Whenever I log in to my character Mayken on Silvermoon I immediately disconnect. I have therefore essentially lost my character. I have tried to disable all addons, but that had no effect. Can you please move my character to somewhere where it doesn’t disconnect immediately after login?

over the past 30 min or so, I had several disconnects (at least 5)
I was in Valdrakken and wanted to accept quests, brows auction house or do crafting…

since the exp. is out I experience disc. more frequently but since the weekyl reset it seems even more intense…

Been having issues myself today also. Don’t know what has happened but since this morning it has been terrible.

I just got 5 d’cs in a row too, seems there’s a few issues in Valdrakkan.

I’m experiencing similar issues, seems to be when I’m on the dragon. Last time I had to use the unstuck feature.

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