Enforcing of RP naming rules?


Was wondering if Blizz had any plans to enforce RP naming rules like we had back on vanilla RP realms like Earthen Ring. The standard of names on this server are … pretty low. Seems a lot of people are on this server purely to escape queues.


Blizzard usually responds to the names if you report them, but other than that they don’t actively look for these names to any meaningful degree. If you wish to do it yourself, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take many reports.

I suspect Blizzard will work in waves with this stuff and there’ll be large sweeps of name changes, so a lot of these names will in time be flagged.


Should have pointed out that I’ve flagged many names, some of them obvious violations, from day#1 and those characters still exist. I don’t mind if Blizz takes their time, I know priorities have shifted, just wanted to know if I was wasting my time reporting names. I’ll keep at it (and I encourage others to do the same).


I used to be fairly militant when it came to names, but mellowed out somewhat over the years. Nowadays I honestly don’t really see the point in reporting them. It’s not like a guy who got his name changed will suddenly turn into a roleplayer. If they have an OOC name I’ll at least know with just one look that I won’t have to bother approaching them.


I’m wondering about this too, if I should just give up and accept that things have changed. Would love a blue post to weigh in on this.


Gotta take in mind too that some of these people might not use their character name for RP, even more if they have TotalRP3.


I haven’t noticed anything happening to any of the people I’ve reported over the past week. Even names that are blatant copyright infringements or lewd puns appear unchanged.

Even if you use an AddOn such as TRP3 or MRP, a character name such as ‘Isneakykillyou’ are a distraction, and regardless of what you put in your AddOn profiles, violate the naming policy of RP realms.

It feels as if a lot of people picked Hydraxian Waterlords not for the RP, but for the lower population - I’m sure that this will change in due time, when the population on other servers settle down (or Blizz makes more servers available).


…we just have to do so much RP on this server that those “hardcore-non-RP” players think “Oh no, not again!” every 5 minutes till they are fed up and leave. :wink:


That’s the case it seems, sadly. Most times when I group with people I ask if they’re gonna start RPing, and nine times out of ten they’ll say it’s not why they rolled here; most rolled early on because, at the time, Hydrax was the only server without queuing. I haven’t seen many griefers yet, besides a couple at the Southshore event, but for the time being it seems roleplayers are something of a minority on the server. That’s by no means a bad thing; the Discord community alone is likely enough people to form a solid roleplay community (Alliance-side, that is), but it is a shame that, from an early stage at least, not many people were interested in the idea of Classic roleplay. It may turn out that roleplay on the server is more guild-based as opposed to hub-based, which isn’t the end of the world; Horde on Argent Dawn’s always been guild-based primarily, and it’s thriving just fine.

It’s all just theorycrafting, though. Maybe my anecdotes amount to nothing, and the RPers are just hiding amongst all the PvE players I meet. Almost a month in, folks! High hopes.


This but also, if it’s very stupid I report it, if it’s more “ugh, sigh” I tend to just shrug it off.


Fwiw they are pushing name changes. I’ve seen some I reported get changed over the last few weeks and a few people in general were moaning about having to change names.

Just keep at it, and mention in the report comments box why you’re reporting it (Breach of RP name policy).


hm I have reported a few and their names haven’t changed yet, but I left the comment box empty (I felt the reason for reporting was obvious so it needed no further comment).
But maybe I should fill in that comment box next time.

I know I should probably just let it go, but some names are just TOO un-RPish and I can’t stand seeing them run around.


And we have guild names that’s pushing political agendas AND are none fantasy and are reported on mass to no effect. Yet others whose names just happen to have some obscure meaning in latin that’s less then lucky so they get forced to change they name because the one person on the person whom just happen to speak latin gets offend and reports them… Blizzard are WAY to inconsistent when it comes to enforcing the rules.


Name reports are on the bottom of their priority list and I expect GMs right now have a lot of stuff to deal with that is, to be honest, more important elsewhere.

Best thing you can do is just keep reporting, it’s a policy they definitely enforce, it can just take a while. But the more reports a person gets the quicker it’ll be looked at. If there’s enough reports in a short time frame they’ll have a forced name change automatically.


On the topic of being offended: Is that not subjective based on an individuals sensibilities? Trying to weaponize offence to get people banned from a subscription game is a bit harsh is it not?

I am all for stimulating the RP atmosphere but I am not a fan of RP policing as I think that deters RP just as much as OOC talk in public channels such as /s or /y.
Out of curiosity those of you that take RP very seriously, how do you know the name of a character or a guild without having been properly introduced? Surely name plates are are “invisible” to the eyes of the player that is immersed into her or his role-play is it not?
If we for a moment disregard the fact that from an IC perspective you shouldn’t use meta data such as name or guild name plates as these are game mechanical features not story features if someone has a name that is not in the tone of the desired atmosphere such as “n00B$l@y3r” I suppose it is easy to assume they care little about RP. If someone reports this and “n00B$l@y3r” gets a name change then the player of “n00B$l@y3r” will be represented by a name such as “Otiartes” that leads to or can lead to equal disappointment in the sense that you would probably not invite “n00B$l@y3r” to an RP event but would not have same reservations inviting “Otiartes”.
What I am trying to say is better the devil you know right?


Urdu is your name not the name of the Pakistani language?
If some had a name like “German” or “French” would you report them?
Are you going to report yourself?


I actually don’t know if it or is not… My name was random keystrokes that I thought looked nice… I don’t sit and check EVERYTHING… What I was talked about when I used the unnamed guild (Would name it but name and shaming rules do apply out here so I can’t) as an Example are Two words put together and used as a battlecry for the very group the guild DO respensent in the real world so they DID know what they where doing when they chose said name.


Nobody said they were offended, just that it’s distracting and ultimately against the spirit of the realm. Who said people should be banned? Throughout a couple of topics now you keep trying to counter arguments nobody made.

It’s not RP policing, it’s enforcing one if not the the only true rule set by Blizzard specifically for role-playing realms that can be easily tracked by them.

Not the issue for the people bothered by names. It’s not an in-character issue. It’s a server identity issue.

Perhaps, but those people will not be bothered by seeing the name. This is also why Sylvanas Windrunner is called Sylvanas Windrunner and not “Elfqtpiexoxo”. It also can ultimately help players who make the choice to be in an RP server but who don’t RP to understand the type of server they’re in. Many people over the years have learned to appreciate the specific qualities of RP servers despite not being RPers themselves, and follow the naming conventions happily even if they don’t RP.

For the people concerned, it tends to be simply an issue of defending server identity and having the RP tag hold some meaning beyond a tag.

Yes, Cajun Gumbo, Urdu is in fact a language, but it also happens to sound like a perfectly fine orcish name, Cajun Gumbo. Mark is also a name for a person, or something you get on an exam.


And Richter is the German Word for “Judge”!

/edit: To be fair, my sources tell me that “Raindancer” is the english word for “person who dances to produce rain”.


reported right there, no dancing allowed