[ENG|GER] multi class healer lf guild for 10.2

I pugged my way through heroics in 10.1 (druid, evoker, hpal; currently working on equipping a disc for 10.2). Now, I’m looking for a (english or german speaking) guild with 1-2 raid days to see some mythic content in 10.2. Aditionally, I’d love to do organised m+ content on a regularly basis.

I’ll gladyl provide logs, please look up Hargoril (Hpal), Regnorvok (Evoker), & Regnora (Druid), all on EU-Blackmoore, on warcraftlogs.

I’m willing to respecc to dps if need be. I’m also playing mage/rogue on lower ilvls.

btag: Lobog#21233

I have added you on BNET