Enhancement PvP: This is what it is

Sounds like Stormstrike needs heavy redesign. Also Doomwinds feels like you are just wasting a Talent point. 3 min Ascendance is clunky.

This is it, this the biggest issue with Enh

the design makes 0 sense. You choose to either burst something down, fail and die or do 0 dmg and act as a bad secondary healer.

pre-nerf and pre Doomwinds bug fix, the physical damage build felt good. It was a choice between BURST or Healing, rather than Damage outright, now it just feels like we tickle people

maybe something should change on gameplay wise i dont know, but when i que arena and get hit 80k by every shaman it feels bad… that burst make no sense and it need to be nerf.

The problem is, they should nerf elemental blast and lighting bolt so hard and buff a lot the mele attacks

There is so much problems with our spenders caused by overflowing maelstrom.
In addition there’s Primordial Wave and its clowny 150% buffed lightning bolt.
Some huge damage multipliers here…
I don’t even enjoy playing with 10 stacks, and I’m afraid that overflowing maelstrom becomes mandatory. I’m afraid spenders damage will get tuned based on 10 maelstrom weapon stacks, making 5 stacks even more insignificant.
Speaking of primordial wave, I feel like it’s a skill that has been put there because the dev’s were out of ideas. It also looks ugly. But that’s my humble opinion.

absolutely, I think OFM is probably already mandatory really. With you on the PW aswell, it’s ugly and it also absolutely does not fit the Shaman / Nature them, A Shadow based attack is the antithesis of what Shamans are about really, They should have re-worked Fae Transfusion and put that in there

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lightning bolt doesn’t hit that hard on beta.
if you are very lucky and also use pmw it maybe crits for 160-180k which is not even 50% of someones HP on basically 45s cd.
unless it cleaves, you wouldn’t even use lb over ele blast with pmw

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