Enhancement PvP: This is what it is

This is what it is. Sadly.

I’m gonna show you some of my “best attacks” with Physical damage, I want to tell you, I’m playing normal Spirit Wolfs and Legacy of Frost Witch (Which in total increase 55% my Physical Damage). I’m full gear by the way.


Windfury Attack/Doomwinds


White Attack

Spirit Wolfs:

Also, most of Solo Shuffle vs Meles, my top damage is Lighting Shield by far.

Even vs characters with not full gear/low armor, these Physical attacks are one of my best Attacks, overall i can say my MAX Stormstrike damage has been 7k.

Nothing to say about Healing Surge, Of course i can easily go up 70/80% with 1 Healing Surge, but literal, in the next Global, i am 30% of my HP Again.

I think you can draw your own conclusions.

What am I supposed too see here?
I got nearly one shot yday by a 85k crit from Enh. That’s all I know :man_shrugging:

By a guy is abusing legendary and conduits, thing that is not gonna happen in 70 cause legendaries/conduits/covenant doesn’t exist, also you have 6% versatility, what do you expect?

I don’t even Pvp on my warrior. As you can see at my honorable kill ratio :rofl:

Anyway I’m talking about Physical dmg not spell damage, Enha is a mele not a caster.
People doing insane damage with blast they abusing 2 covenant, legendaries etc

Well true. It is a melee, but its a “magical” melee.
Bieing able to use Totems and flame shock/lighting abilities isn’t really “Physical”, is it?

Idk where the big one shot damage came from, thanks for explaining it, but I hope it’s gone soon :rofl:

Oke, so, mister warrior, we all know our spenders are busted.
The big crit you got hit with, we don’t deny it.

Mister shaman, on the other hand, is show you that he doesn’t give a f about his spenders, he’s sharing the nerf consequences on our physical abilities toolkit.
Don’t start the same argument like on every other gddmn posts, here on the shaman forum. It’s very tiring.

And about the lightning shield top damage, i had the same thing happen to me while dueling outside of OG. Posted about it on another topic. Some dumbo druid had the audacity to “grats me on finding a cool reflect build!”.
Apart from the druid, its ridiculous.
Druid is a moron.

That is where I am confused.
If you nerf the builders, but able to nearly one shot ppl with your spender, isn’t that enough? Sure your builders do less damage (as they’re supposed to do), but as soon as you press your spender you get this huge massive nuke…

Problem is…
Blizzard CANNOT balance PROPERLY between PvE and PvP, sadly…
It’s the eternal Arms curse aswell.

If you are strong in PvP, your PvE gets ruined. If you are strong in PvE, you are bound to be broken in PvP…
The only ones allowed to do this are Rogues, mages and priests :rofl:

What ? No.
We want : our spenders tuned properly, so by nerfing them, by tuning them down.
We also want : the rest of our toolkit, which doesn’t one shot, to not be affected by the nerf.
If some of our abilities, let alone our spenders, are dealing too much damage for Blizzard, then nerf those, but not by 25%.

Example : Your dog poops everwhere in your house. What do you do ?

  1. Fix the house
  2. Fix your dog

Example : Your spenders poop everywhere in your enhancement shaman.
What do you do ?

  1. Nerf enhancement shaman
  2. Nerf spenders

With example n°1, i hope you understand that Answer n°1 will get rid of the problem momentarily. Your dog will trash the house until a vet checks on him.

It’s the same with our spenders. By nerfing our house - enhancement shaman - our spenders may not feel as busted as before, but they’ll still be overperforming compared to the rest of our toolkit.
Our spenders will continue to trash our Enhancement Shaman until Blizzard (game veterinary) checks on him.

I want Blizzard to fix my dog, not my entire house.
You can invert dog with spenders, and house with enhancement shaman, OR toolkit.
Didn’t mention it, it also works well.

Sorry for the poop analogy, but it works wonders.


Enhancement shouldn’t be about big spiky dmg with spenders and wet noodle builders. The spec feels best when it deals good consistent dmg across the board and is able to pressure the target in PvP. Enh doesn’t need to be a wannabe ret paladin.


if spenders are doing all the dmg, enhance is a glass canon with absolute 0 def because if they consider heals as our defense but you cannot use your defense because you need it for dmg then the class is just dead.

in almost all expacs so far enhance didnt even use any spenders for dmg and just kept all stacks for healing. but now you not only need msw for dmg, but you also need double the amount as before.

the new 10 msw design is just god awful.
buff doom winds to legion level and remove the gcd. also buff stormstrike by about 5000% and nerf ele blast by 75%.
remove 10 msw spender talent. tune healing around 5 msw.


but cannot have that with stupid devs.
still dont have shamanistic rage back, it is just gow awful man


I’m affraid of overflowing maelstrom becoming mandatory. I don’t like it, I would like to see a talent interaction between our builders and our maelstrom stacks, something like that.
I was thinking about the Lightning shield overload we had back in early in BFA. It got removed, but why not make our abilites do something depending on how much maelstrom we have ?
For example :

  • For each maelstrom stack you currently have, your melee attacks reduce healing received by 2.5%, up to 10 stacks.
  • Upon reaching 10 maelstrom stacks, your lightning shield overcharges, making you radiate lightning on nearby enemies every second for 15 sec. Can only occur every 1min.
  • Bring back Fury of Air ?
  • Overcharge : Overcharge your lightning shield, making your next 10 attacks deal # ligthning damage. 1min CD


Amen !!!

In DF Enhancementwill take 2x Elemental Blasts clearly. Stormstrike is weak. You want to take Ice Strike aswell and all talents thats boosts your selfhealing. Thunderstorm is the game changer.

Stack Haste and Crit.

I don’t think your build makes a lot of sense.

Just some things that I am considering:

  1. Frost witch 25% phys buff is kinda useless as all our phys. dmg abilities do no dmg anymore
  2. If you would play phys. dmg build you would not take elemental spirits as you lose out on 30% phys dmg buff
  3. If you take icestrike, you should also take frost shock. At least frost shock (without wolves) can crit for 70k, which is okish as follow up burst
  4. lava lash is a nice filler and flameshock refresher

I think there are 3 builds currently available for pvp. They feel all pretty bad but well it is what it is.

  1. Phys. build (takes too much uptime to do good sustain and Enhance has like 0 gap closers compared to everyone else mobility)
  1. Elemental Build (healing yourself will be a massive problem as all your dmg [40-50%] comes from ele blast]
  1. Cheese double clap build (with sky fury, ele blast → pw → ele blast and pray for crits)
    Will be very toxic to play against and absolute negative fun to play with

Ascendance feels kinda bad honestly.
The rng proc from DRE is kinda nice and can turn games for sure but sooo unreliable but still a fun talent and considering 3min cd of ascendance is terrible and also windstrike is just awful, DRE is still the choice to take. Sad that only the ascendance proc dmg is actually useful lol

You make no sense man. Missing Windfury Totem and 25% proc for Stromstrike and you take 30 second Hex instead of 15 second version. You don’t want Lava Lash and Frost Strike AoE because it can and will break CC when things get clumped.

To be honest I don’t think devs have thought this as far.

WF totem in pvp is complete and utter garbage.
Aside from that very little of your dmg actually comes from auto attacks considering your uptime is generally terrible.

The general tree, as you can see has still points left over and you would change points around depending on what you face. (tremor totem, root, hex etc.)
Hex isn’t particularly great as enhance either. In those melee zerg fest that certainly will go on in clown shuffle, bgs and even 3s, you will basically never get a hex off anyways, not to mention that everyone and their mother can dispel it.

what aoe on lava lash and ice strike? lava lash spreads flame shock in a minimal radius and ice strike does nothing. If you mean hailstorm, well cleaving melee cleaves is absolutely what you want to do. Also you can just stop pressing frost shock for a while or turn away from the cced target. Quite never broke a cc that way anyways.

you mean stormflurry?
Both normal builds that I posted use it.

the third build is a double ele blast cheese build. Don’t expect it to do any sustain or any good stuff outside of double crit one shots (hence: cheese build)

Then Enhancement will be worse in DF than it was in Shadowlands. There is too many Talents you want to take and then you get 1 shotted. This isn’t going to be good. I can only pass final judgement after playing in purples during late December/January.

I played in purples on beta.
Yes enhance is absolutely terrible to play.
The playstyle with cheese build is very simple.
You get 10 msw, ele blast → pmw → lightning bolt or ele blast and hope someone dies. After that you basically run away and try to heal up and avoid dmg till you can go again. much fun much wow.

I get kited a like buffoon by near any caster cleaves and get absolutely destroyed by all melee cleaves.
The saving graces was always the random ele blast crits that deleted people.
Outside of ele blast it felt like I did not move any HP bars.
Stormstrike does 20k dmg on 400k HP pool and WF does at most 15k with all procs from phys. build, which is quite hard to setup in the chaos btw.

Only time i killed someone after the nerfs was with a ele blast crit followed by a random ascendance proc.

I never really had enough msw for heals, which feels sooooo much worse than SL.

If I play shaman (that is a BIG IF), then it will most likely be ele.
While ele is similar squishy as enhance, you are not in melee and can make use of 2 knockbacks and roots. Also my ele blast crits for 500k and I can delete people with stormkeeper.
While absolutely terrible to play in clown shuffle against zugzug, it is at least a big fat class cannon. Until it get nerfed as well that is.

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I hope they nerf spell damage and buff a lot Physical damage, is so sad, pressing Doomwinds, and the guy has still 80% hp, i prefer 50% nerf to Lighting Bolt+Elemental Blast and Buff Stormstrike+Windfury 50%