Enhancement Shaman LF 2-3 days a week HC raiding guild

I Have found a guild that I’m trialing with to hopefully be a good fit, Thank you for all the replies!

Hi I’ve recently been able to get back into wow and am looking for a 2-3 day a week HC raiding guild that’s relaxed and also enjoys other parts of the game like M+. My raiding experience is a veriety of different raids throughout the years and on different difficulties with a peak of a bit in mythic during legion in Emerald nightmare, Trials of Valor and Nighthold. After legion I simply had enough of the AP grind and why I didn’t raid in the following expansions and that there’s no AP grind in Dragonflight is why I want to get back into raiding. I’m hoping to find a kind and relaxed enviroment where everyone respects eachother and have a drive for the experience to be as smooth as possible for everyone involved.

Gusten#0821 Is my discord if you wish to get in contact with me or to ask me more questions.

Hi there and welcome back to the game! Hope you have been enjoying it.

I sent you a request on discord as I think our guild would be a great fit for what you are looking for. We are a heroic raiding guild and raid every Monday and Friday from 20:15 - 23:00 server. We also do a variety of m+ runs but as much as we like the progress, we feel it is important to have fun and enjoy the game as well.

If we sound like the right guild and you want to chat further, look out for kobra157 on discord or feel free to add me on bnet: kobra#22599

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Ello! If you’re still looking for a new home, feel free to contact me on discord! → Schali
We are looking for an Enchanc Main for our raids! :slight_smile: ( EU-Draenor )

Hi Palme!

Are you still looking for a guild?

Soul Crusaders (Turalyon/Doomhammer) might be what you’re looking for. We’re a small, people-centred guild that runs normal and heroic raids as well as M+. We understand that real life comes first - and life is busy! So our raid and scheduled M+ sessions are fairly short: raids are Sun and Tues nights 21:30 -23:00 Server Time. Our M+ nights are on the same time slots, with Friday being the higher keys brackets (the key levels change through the season, as we progress; the main goal for Fri night is working towards KSM and beyond), Thurs is practising, building confidence and improving gear, and when there is interest, Wed nights are learning, gearing and practising runs with “baby keys”. Loads of members run ad hoc keys as well, so you’re not necessarily limited to the scheduled runs.

Please note, we’re now in the end of season lull, so it’s quieter than usual :slight_smile: and have just made the shift from HC Aberrus reclears to Glory of the Aberrus Raider. We are all very much looking forward to season 3! :smiley:

There’s no attendance expectations; we have fully social members, some who only sign up for raids and not M+ and vice versa, and those who enjoy both. We have quite a few members who work shifts, so it’s not a problem if you can’t make both raid nights every week. Obviously it’s better if most people can attend regularly though :stuck_out_tongue:

We currently have space for DPS and a healer in our raid team - and if you fancy M+, there’s space there, too :slight_smile:

If you’d like to find out more, feel free to contact me Bnet :sheira#1910 or Discord: Lakshmii#0552 (or since the name change, I think it might just be Lakshmii now!?)

Our raids are also usually live-streamed, so if you’re curious, look up twitch.tv/erdiud on Sun/Tues evening during the times mentioned above :slight_smile:

Or, feel free to post a guild application at discord.gg/qjP9hKSR (You can’t see the full server as a guest, there’s loads more in there with member access :stuck_out_tongue: )

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Tried to add you on disc man :blush: .andeey