Enhancement Shaman looking for guild, unique offer!

Hello everyone,

I am 36 years old and you can call me Mike. I am currently looking for a guild on Razorgore while playing an Enhancement shaman and I would like give you guys a little bit of my background in Classic so far.


I played on Flamelash and led a guild there. We cleared MC and Onyxia weekly in respectable times. After the “great migration” of all the alliance players on the server, many of our guildies left and I took a break from the game. Now, I would like to talk a little about my gear and professions.

Gear and Professions

I am an Axesmith and can craft Annihilator and Nightfall, so yes, I am Exalted with Thorium Brotherhood. I am also a Dragonscale Leatherworker.

My gear includes a variety of good items from MC and Onyxia, with my crit rating sitting around 25% (unbuffed) and with Annihilator or my Unstoppable Force equipped I am hit-capped. Next, I would like to say what I would bring to a raid/guild.

What can I offer your guild?

I enjoy playing a totem twisting Enhancement shaman using either Annihilator (to debuff boss armour) or Nightfall (to enhance magic damage taken by boss). The totem twisting is to provide the rest of the melee’s in my party with both windfury and agility buffs from totems alongside the other regular buffs. With a support spec like this I will also not expect any loot from raids. I feel now would be a good time to talk about what I will not offer.

What I will not do for your guild

I will not play Restoration or Elemental shaman, I am dedicated to Enhancement and that is it. I am willing to forgoe getting loot from raids for this roll because it is what I enjoy playing. So, now I think it is a good time to move onto my offer.

What I would I like in exchange?

If you like the idea of someone not expecting loot from raids and the unorthodox Enhancement support/debuffer spec for your raid, then here is what I would expect in return; Hand of Ragnaros. This would include the items to craft it and making it for me. Now, at this point you might be shouting at your screen but hear me out.

I will agree to a Trial Period in your raid, for you to make up your mind whether you like me as a player, as a person (of course I use discord and will happily join/chat). If you would like to keep/use me on the terms mentioned above I will NOT ask for the Hand of Ragnaros up front, I will earn it, over a period of a few months, which I feel is fair considering I will provide a supporting role without expecting ANY loot over anyone else (including OS rolls). The only time I would expect to get an item inside the raid is if NOBODY else wants it or if it is a gift. Now, for some final thoughts.

Final Thoughts

Due to quarantine and the world turmoil at the moment I have to work OUTSIDE of normal working hours, so me joining your raids will depend very much on the days and times. Furthermore, playing this support build in raids will NEVER do good damage. The reason for this is all mana will go into totem twisting to buff the other dps in the group as much as possible. Therefore, the only world buffs I will focus on running will mostly be crit buffs and mana flask, because this will maximise the uptime of the totems twisted and flurry uptime. Of course, mana/health/resistance potions are standard.

So, if you read this whole post and you are interested in talking to me or in the idea, please drop me a private message on Battlenet (Foredoom#21609) and I will pop into your discord as soon as I can.

Hope to hear your comments/replies and thoughts!

Kind regards,

Fòredoom (aka Mike)
Enhancement Shaman

Hey bro, i send you a PM through Discord. Let me know if you still have any questions. Thanks!! :+1::grin:

Thanks Djerba, will do!

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