Enhancement Shaman looking for heroic CN guild

Hi there, I’m Kadue.
I’m looking for a 2-day/week raiding guild preferably on tues/wed/thurs/sundays (all these days works for me).
I’m currently 206, which is mainly acquired through mythic+.
I have not yet raided CN apart from getting 5 bosses on normal difficulty, I would however come prepared, as I know what it takes.

I have previous raiding experience through TBC/Lich King/Cata where I was raiding quite casually.
I then quit and came back in late Pandaria, where I cleared SOO on mythic, and went on to raid a few tiers on mythic in Draenor, I pretty much have all my raiding experience as both melee dps and healer.

I hope to find a new home with mature people who already has some heroic progress and aims to give mythic a shot.

Battlenet: Kadue#2534


Hey Kadue!

Feel free to check out my guild, I think it matches what you are looking for.


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Thank you, I will try to reach out through the ingame chat.

Hi There,

Dreamers Lodge is currently looking for more DPS to continue our heroic progression. Hope to talk to you soon!

:diamonds: Welcome to Dreamers Lodge!

We’re an already established guild that recently transferred to Horde - Tarren Mill, in the hopes of finding more like-minded individuals.
A place to call home, whether you’re a long-time veteran or a newbie, a world-class raider or a collector of all sorts of shinies, a social guru or a shy potato. Everyone has a place with us.

:diamonds: Who are we and what do we stand for?
Our goals mainly revolve around getting Ahead of the Curve each tier while at the same time building a community with a social-driven environment where you don’t have to walk on eggshells with your words, be yourself, build lasting friendships and still have a more serious approach towards progress.
A very simple goal, yet it’s often not that easy.
Life happens. Many of us are often preoccupied or have been through very rough times. We understand how difficult and stressful it can be. The guild wants to make sure people feel comfortable with us and we’ll do everything in our power to provide a place where this is the norm.

:diamonds: What do we expect and offer?
While we have great empathy for the above, we expect our raiders to be on point. In Normal, everyone is welcome to tag along, as long as you’re willing to learn and put some effort in.
As for Heroic, however, we expect everyone goes the extra step to make sure that boss goes down. Especially with it being more difficult in the Shadowlands than most of us are previously used to. We’re by no means hardcore, neither Mythic raiders, but bringing your A-game here is a requirement.
Our days are wednesday and sunday from 20:00 to 23:00 realm time (CET).
Current progress: 10/10 N; 3/10 HC
:exclamation: Now looking for: Ranged DPS and DPS with Tank/Healer offspec

For many, this is the primary content. It’s run often and mostly spontaneously, though members are free to organise as they please, apart from raid nights.
Raiders are expected to participate to acquire gear and hone their skills. Both low and high keys are run nearly daily, if not more.

We hold great value in our members and being active in text and especially voice chats is something we highly encourage, to the point where we see it as near essential. It is required in organised content, where everyone should at least b

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