Enhancement Shaman Lore

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I am looking for some enhancement specific lore for my orc Shaman.

Restoration Shaman in lore are often healers or witch doctors, and elemental shaman we tend to see calming and communing with the elements in order to help crops grow or calm the elements.

As far as I can see, enhancement shaman seem to be made entirely for combat as their niche is imbuing weapons with elemental power. I’d love some alternative perspective, as I always like to think of shaman as using their abilities for their shamanistic beliefs first, and using them for combat as a last resort.


I really think you nailed it here.

(I think you nailed resto and elemental, too.)

I believe the enhancement shaman came to be, as a result of a dire need to protect the tribe/clan, or fight a dangerous threat (early enemies of the original shamanistic races) - like perhaps the centaur for the tauren, maybe the gronn for the orcs?

I’m on thin ice regarding the various races’ historical enemies, but it’s the only explanation that comes to mind.

The originally benevolent and wise shaman of ancient times saw the need for something more powerful than a mere warrior, and thus they empowered… themselves?

(Being quite proficient in melee combat already, they became a formidable fighting force, elemental power at their fingertips - and enhancing their weapons and other abilities…)

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I like this take on enhancement a lot!

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